Gross greylisting server 1.1.0~a1

Gross is a greylisting server. The features that make gross stand out from other greylisters are: - it's blazingly fast - it's amazingly resource efficient - it can be configured to query DNSBL databases, and enforce greylisting only for hosts that are found on those databases - it can block hosts that match multiple DNSBL's - it can be replicated and run parallel on two servers - It supports Sun Java System Messaging Server, Postfix, Sendmail and Exim.

Tags email-filter systems-administration c posix bsd linux
License ISC
State alpha

Recent Releases

1.1.0~a105 Feb 2024 23:34 major feature: * New check: reverse. It tries to find a name for client_ip and then check if that name points back to client_ip. * New check: helo. It checks if helo_name matches client_ip. * New check: spf. Depends on libspf2, compile time option. * New configure option 'grey_tuple' for looser greylist. * Do not check /etc/hosts in dnsbl check. * -u command line option to run grossd with a differnet uid. * -F command line option to run non-forking service. * Switch to cmake build system. * man pages are generated from asciidoc format now.
1.0.429 Dec 2023 12:07 security: This is a single fix release. Upgrade is strongly encouraged.
1.0.309 Mar 2023 15:50 minor feature: - properly handle IPv6 source addresses - check IPv6 addresses with DNSBL/DNSWL - fixed build with glibc (function name conflict) - fixed a number of errors found by static and dynamic analysis - fixed build with --enable-milter option (experimental) - fixed build with gcc -Werror=return-type - fixed mistakes in manual pages