Recent Releases

1.5.523 Apr 2024 13:07 minor bugfix: Bugfix release addressing bugs and regressions from 1.5.4 and earlier, including a resource leak affecting RDP and SSH connections, and updating dependencies to their latest compatible versions.
1.5.409 Dec 2023 07:25 minor feature: release addressing miscellaneous from 1.5.3 and earlier, and updating dependencies to their latest compatible versions.
1.5.302 Aug 2023 06:05 minor feature: release addressing miscellaneous from 1.5.2 and earlier, and updating dependencies to their latest compatible versions.
1.5.227 May 2023 03:15 minor feature: release addressing with the Docker images, web application UI, systems in FIPS mode, and miscellaneous others.
1.5.115 Apr 2023 03:15 minor feature: release addressing regressions in 1.5.0, particularly with the Docker images.
1.5.020 Feb 2023 03:15 minor feature: In-app playback of recordings, key vaults, ECC keys, multiple LDAP/AD servers, shared connection join/leave notifications.
1.4.004 Jan 2022 03:15 minor feature: Connection tiling, keyboard broadcasting, SSO improvements, multi-touch support for RDP, for RDP audio input, JSON authentication.
1.3.003 Jan 2021 13:05 minor feature: Automatic prompting for remote desktop credentials, user group support for CAS and OpenID.
1.2.001 Jul 2020 03:15 minor feature: Support for SAML 2.0, Wake-on-LAN, and easy switching between active connections, numerous for RDP, improvements to TOTP, database support, and behavior on iOS devices.
1.1.002 Feb 2020 10:05 minor feature: Dynamic image quality, support for Kubernetes, migration to FreeRDP 2.0.0 and Apache Directory API, and improvements to Docker images, terminal behavior, and user groups.
1.0.011 Jan 2019 03:15 minor feature: User groups, improved clipboard integration, TOTP (Google Authenticator), RADIUS, dead keys.
0.9.1421 Jan 2018 00:05 minor feature: OpenID Connect single sign-on, SQL Server support, CAS "ClearPass", user login/logout history, and improvements for RDP, clipboard, file transfer, and terminal emulation.
0.9.13-incubating02 Aug 2017 03:15 minor feature: CAS single sign-on, for VNC/RDP/SSH/telnet, in-browser playback of screen recordings, automatic connection failover, 256-color console codes.
0.9.12-incubating04 Apr 2017 03:15 minor feature: Thumbnails as tab icons, HTTP header authentication, performance improvements, and for printing, file transfer, and terminal emulation.
0.9.11-incubating05 Feb 2017 07:25 minor feature: Two-factor authentication, password policies, improvements to Docker and LDAP.
0.9.10-incubating03 Jan 2017 05:05 major feature: The 0.9.10-incubating release is Apache Guacamole s first release under the Apache Incubator. It features support for both screen sharing and recording, improved file transfer behavior, and support for LDAP within the Docker images. Local clipboard integration has also been added (for those browsers which support it), as well as audio input for RDP, theming/branding via extensions, and several other improvements.
0.9.10-incubating-RC206 Dec 2016 06:45 minor feature: GUACAMOLE-131: Migrate to Webjars for JavaScript library dependencies?. GUACAMOLE-132: Explicitly include.gitignore in the source archive. GUACAMOLE-132: Merge.gitignore for Apache RAT. GUACAMOLE-131: Merge webjars migration for javascript dependencies. GUACAMOLE-133: Remove unnecessary bundled SLF4J from JDBC auth. GUACAMOLE-133: Exclude StAX dependency, which is part of Java 6. GUACAMOLE-133: Merge removal of pointless SLF4J dependency for JDBC a?. GUACAMOLE-133: Merge exclusion of redundant StAX transitive dependency. GUACAMOLE-133: Document all dependencies of Guacamole within LICENSE. GUACAMOLE-133: Merge LICENSE documentation for all Guacamole dependen?. GUACAMOLE-133: Rename "dependencies" directory of licenses to "bundle?. GUACAMOLE-133: Add licenses for bundled dependencies of guacamole-aut?. GUACAMOLE-133: Add licenses for bundled dependencies of guacamole-aut?. GUACAMOLE-133: Include LICENSE, NOTICE, and DISCLAIMER within.tar.gz?. GUACAMOLE-133: Merge remaining licenses for bundled software in auth ?. GUACAMOLE-132: Include ALL.gitignore in source.tar.gz, not just top?. GUACAMOLE-132: Merge.gitignore.
0.9.920 Dec 2015 01:25 minor feature: GUAC-1295: Add cache busting for app.css and app.js. GUAC-1305: Implement detection of browser WebP support and add new im?. GUAC-1314: Added mapping of keycodes for numeric keypad and changed k?. GUAC-1338: Add German missing translations. GUAC-1338: Date format changed back to original structure. GUAC-1324: Stop overlap of text by floating to right. GUAC-1305: Add image mimetypes to Guacamole protocol handshake. GUAC-1324: Add right margin and remove position relative to stop text?. GUAC-1305: Add guacImage service for determining supported image form?. GUAC-1305: Send supported image formats within Guacamole protocol han?. Merge branch 'webp' of git:// int?. GUAC-1305: Only test for supported images when guacImage is initially?. GUAC-1193: Create connection history interface, and add simple implem?. GUAC-1193: Remove after() and before() functions from ConnectionRecor?. GUAC-1193: Implement history REST service. GUAC-1193: Implement and document historyService - a JavaScript servi?. GUAC-1193: Include connection identifier within history records. GUAC-1314: Remove mapping of Mac's Clear to Num Lock. GUAC-1314: Remove is_mac flag. GUAC-1354: Refactor Guacamole.AudioChannel to Guacamole.AudioPlayer. GUAC-1354: Use past audio packet size to determine playback latency t?. GUAC-1354: Use Guacamole.AudioPlayer.getInstance(), etc. to abstract ?. GUAC-1354: Use Web Audio API timestamps directly - no need to convert?. GUAC-1354: Use Guacamole.AudioPlayer.getSupportedTypes() to query ava?. GUAC-1354: Do not recalculate max latency using packet duration. Audi?. GUAC-1354: Dynamically split and reassemble audio packets to minimize?. GUAC-1354: Use ArrayBuffer.slice - do not call slice directly on type?. GUAC-1193: Document possibility of side effects when using subset fun?. GUAC-1193: Do not search for empty terms. GUAC-1193: Implement JDBC ConnectionRecordSet. Add MySQL mapping. GUAC-1193: description of query. GUAC-1193: Add
0.9.810 Sep 2015 19:45 minor feature: GUAC-1172: Implement JSONreader for convenience. GUAC-1172: Add Guacamole.Object and handlers for object-related instr?. GUAC-1172: reference to enqueueBodyCallback() - it's "enqueue", n?. GUAC-1172: Add constant for stream index mimetype. GUAC-1172: Comply with newly-adopted JavaScript coding style. GUAC-1172: Upgrade to Angular 1.3.16. Update form template to work ar?. GUAC-1172: Upgrade angular-translate to 2.7.2. Configure required san?. GUAC-1172: Work around angular-translate/angular-translate#788 by usi?. GUAC-1172: Define ManagedFilesystem type. Handle received filesystem ?. GUAC-1172: Separate sidebar menu style into own class. GUAC-1172: Implement file browsing directive. Track expanded/collapse?. GUAC-1172: Display file browser within own menu. Show available devic?. GUAC-1172: Implement download of specific files via click. GUAC-1172: Implement navigation via breadcrumbs - no more tree. GUAC-1172: Migrate to from ngRepeat to interpolate for the file brow?. GUAC-1172: Sort files lexicographically with directories first. GUAC-1172: No whitespace between icon and filename. GUAC-1172: Allow file browser breadcrumbs to wrap. GUAC-1172: Provide root-level breadcrumb. GUAC-1172: Implement file upload through object streams. GUAC-1172: Add translation strings for filesystem menu. GUAC-1172: Move file transfer manager to corner of client display. GUAC-1172: Use template for files within the file browser. GUAC-1172: Use templateRequest now that we have it (Angular 1.3.x) -?. GUAC-1245: OSK Super and Menu keys are stuck together. Remove 'super'?. GUAC-1244: Added timeout to mouse scroll events to catch and mi?. GUAC-1244: Restore compliance with coding style. GUAC-1244: Replace timeout with better line/page constants. Reset scr?. Merge branch 'ChainedTunnelReconnect' of git:// GUAC-1084: Clarify comment describing committedTunnel. GUAC-1083: Add CORS support to Guacamole.HTTPTunnel. GUAC-1083: Clarify new optional parameter for con
0.9.711 Jun 2015 14:25 minor feature: GUAC-1053: Create session management tab. GUAC-1053: Give active sessions tab priority. GUAC-1053: Clean up comment wrapping, now that everything is two leve?. GUAC-1053: Move settings-specific things into own namespace. GUAC-1053: Rename "Manage Connections" to "Connections". GUAC-1053: Distinguish tabs from page with border. GUAC-1053: Properly handle undefined form/field/option names. GUAC-1053: Fix styling of connection home pages (when needed). GUAC-1053: Add user preferences page, visible to all users. GUAC-1053: Only show the list of settings tabs if more than one is av?. GUAC-1053: Move password changing into preferences. GUAC-1053: Clean up style of password editor. Add help text. GUAC-1053: Add preference service, storing the default mouse emulatio?. GUAC-1053: Configure default input method and mouse emulation mode th?. GUAC-1053: Clean up styles. Fix copyright dates. GUAC-1053: Clean up display of mouse modes. GUAC-1053: Unless overridden, default to "text" input mode if platfor?. GUAC-1053: Default to "none" input mode as before. Do not guess platf?. GUAC-1053: Add constants for each input method type. GUAC-1161: Generalize protocol parameters into form parameters. GUAC-1161: Add CredentialsInfo and credential-specific exceptions. GUAC-1161: Request username/password if no user context is generated ?. GUAC-1161: Include credential information in REST responses. GUAC-1161: Generalize APICredentialError into APIError. Provide consi?. GUAC-1161: Generalize HTTPException to APIException. GUAC-1161: Reorganize authenticationInterceptor to match service patt?. GUAC-1161: Use labels and CSS for form layout. GUAC-1161: Broadcast guacInsufficientCredentials or guacInvalidCreden?. GUAC-1161: Convert login page to directive which accepts a dynamic fo?. GUAC-1161: Move field header within guacFormField directive. GUAC-1161: For now, just show normal login prompt for insufficient cr?. GUAC-1161: Ignore key events while user is logged out. GUAC-1161: Do not c
0.9.631 Mar 2015 09:05 minor feature: GUAC-1100: Make ObjectPermission concrete. Remove type-specific imple?. GUAC-1100: Implement Simple* read-only versions of the permission sets. GUAC-1100: Bring SimpleUser up-to-date with API changes. GUAC-1100: Fix comments in User. ObjectPermissionSet does not need Ob?. GUAC-1100: Add batch add/remove to permission sets. GUAC-1100: Extract batch operations on permission sets into interface. GUAC-1100: Migrate REST services to new guacamole-ext API. This is pa?. GUAC-1100: Use getAll() for retrieval of multiple users. GUAC-1100: Implement patching of permissions with batch operations. GUAC-1100: System path comparison should not be startsWith() - there'?. GUAC-1100: Commit to String identifiers. GUAC-1100: Remove old recursive tree query. Add stub of new batching ?. GUAC-1100: Implement recursive BFS tree retrieval. GUAC-1100: Keep parent identifiers within SimpleUserContext consisten?. GUAC-1100: Move connection and connection group directories to root l?. GUAC-1100: Add getActiveConnections() function to Connectable. GUAC-1100: Identifier retrieval should possibly throw an exception. GUAC-1099: Implement pagination directive (guacPager), borrowing from?. GUAC-1099: Paginate guacGroupList directive. GUAC-1099: Paginate management interface. Remove styles from ui.css w?. GUAC-1100: Update parent identifier within REST service calls. GUAC-1099: Do not attempt to display connections in guacGroupList if ?. GUAC-1099: Paginate the connection history list, too. GUAC-1100: Add permission filtering to tree retrieval. GUAC-1101: Remove use of mybatis-generator. Temporarily remove all bu?. GUAC-1101: Modify base interfaces/classes to support permissions. GUAC-1101: Limit results of retrieval operations by read permissions,?. GUAC-1101: Restrict object manipulation depending on create/update/de?. GUAC-1101: Update documentation to reflect changes in build process (?. GUAC-1101: Add permission model classes and mapper interfaces (no cor?. GUAC-1101: Add permission
0.9.517 Feb 2015 14:25 minor bugfix: GUAC-995 Connection permission filter should take admin permission in?. GUAC-995 Improve permission checking around connections and groups. GUAC-1000 User list should be filtered based on update and delete per?. GUAC-1000 Responded to code review comments. GUAC-1010: Only query contents of connection groups if they are not b?. GUAC-1011: Add CONTRIBUTING file describing how to contribute to the ?. GUAC-1001: Document that identifiers and usernames must not be null. GUAC-1001: Generate username within SimpleAuthenticationProvider if n?. GUAC-1001: Treat queries with empty permission filter lists as unfilt?. GUAC-1001: Generate a username if blank, too. GUAC-997 Added active user count to REST API and UI. Added missing slf4j dependency. Fixed use of getDisplay() - getDisplay().getElement() in the example. GUAC-958: Adjust viewport height based purely on scroll state. Manual?. GUAC-958: Work around iOS 7 visibility issue (text input UI invisible?. GUAC-958: Work around iOS 7 visibility issue (again) by using object ?. GUAC-1043: Position viewport and menu absolutely, not with fixed. Thi?. GUAC-958: Simplify resize handling (use directive). Only install resi?. GUAC-1044: Move guac menu inside guacViewport. Move menu-specific pro?. GUAC-1044: Fix audio error when using IE over RDP - it's blocking tes?. GUAC-1044: Keep menu header stationary while allowing body to scroll. GUAC-1044: Input method may be "none", "osk", or "text". GUAC-1044: Auto-fit property missing from menu object. GUAC-998: Prefer to use keysym from recent keydown, rather than keysy?. GUAC-998: Add left/right meta to list of possible "Alt" keys. Some sy?. GUAC-1051: Ensure getConnectionHistory() returns a List with a well-d?. GUAC-1018: Bump version to 0.9.5. GUAC-1018: Add missing LICENSE file. GUAC-1018: Bump version in Version.js of guacamole-common-js (incorre?.
0.9.212 Aug 2014 09:46 minor bugfix: This release adds wide character support, automated telnet login, keyboard interactive authentication for SSH. It fixes some connection stability issues, and a few build failures. It also added support for connection sharing at the Guacamole protocol level.