guitarix 0.46.0

guitarix takes the signal from your guitar as any real amp would do: as a mono-signal from your sound card. The input is processed by a main amp and a rack-section. Both can be routed separately and deliver a processed stereo-signal via Jack. You may fill the rack with effects from more than 25 built-in modules including stuff from a simple noise gate to brain-slashing modulation f/x like flanger, phaser or auto-wah. Your signal is processed with minimum latency. On any properly set-up Linux-system you don't have to wait more than 10ms until your sound is processed by guitarix.

Tags audio music guitar jack neural-amp-modeler cpp css c python faust
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.46.022 Mar 2024 14:07 major bugfix: Add NAM and RTNeural Multi module. Allow to load two instances per neural module. Have root dir in release tarball. Resamplers for Neural plugs. -- 11.03.2024.
0.44.103 May 2022 10:05 minor feature: * Fix race condition when build with Faust
0.43.111 Dec 2021 08:25 minor feature:
0.43.006 Dec 2021 03:21 minor feature:
0.42.126 Dec 2020 08:25 minor feature:
0.41.018 Jul 2020 12:05 minor feature:
0.40.028 May 2020 10:25 minor feature:
0.38.005 Feb 2020 12:19 minor feature: