Gwyddion 2.66

Gwyddion is a modular SPM (Scanning Probe Microsope) data visualization and analysis tool. It can be used for all most frequently used data processing operations including: leveling, false color plotting, shading, filtering, denoising, data editing, integral transforms, grain analysis, profile extraction, fractal analysis, and many more. The program is primarily focused on SPM data analysis (e.g. data obtained from AFM, STM, NSOM, and similar microscopes). However, it can also be used for analyzing SEM (scaning electron microscopy) data or any other 2D data.

Tags c scientific engineering visualization physics image analysis- spm microscopy
License GNU GPL
State mature

Recent Releases

2.6624 May 2024 14:55 minor bugfix: New SMM calibration modules were added. Support for SCAN, ZMG, DATX, NSID and EPFL HDF5 file formats was added and support for Igor, Nanoscope, WSxM, Surf and MI files was improved. There were a number of smaller improvements and bugfixes, mainly in volume data modules.
2.6504 Jan 2024 15:39 minor bugfix: Bugs affecting Arithmetic modules, 3D view export, mask editor, affine correction and rms computation were fixed. New XY volume data stitching and block line correction modules were added, as well as experimental support for Andor SIF files. There were various smaller improvements in TIFF support, the value reading tool and line noise and coupled PDEs data synthesis modules.
2.6429 Oct 2023 10:11 minor feature: File import support was added for ARDF, ZON, NPY NPZ, MAT v5 and v7, generic HDF5, and our own ASCII export. It was substantially improved for Sensolytics, Shilps, JPK and multi-page TIFFs and there were a number of smaller improvements in other file formats. A large number of volume data processing modules was added, mainly operating on XY planes and intended for high-speed AFM data and other image stacks. A few related XYZ modules were also added.
2.6313 Jun 2023 14:23 minor feature: Several new volume data processing modules for plane manipulation, levelling or line correction. A graph new module for pitch measurement and a new Dunes synthetic data module. Improved file format support for HDF5 based data formats, Olympus OIR, OPD, MI, NetCDF and Nanoscope. Miscellaneous small improvements and bug fixes.
2.6203 Nov 2022 14:29 cleanup: File format support improvements in Keyence, NRRD, NanoObserver and pixmap and raw data import. Two new curve map modules: demodulation and position search. A few crashes were fixed. Small bugfixes and improvements were made in file open dialogue, lattice measurement, blind tip estimation, pattern synthesis, volume data plane summary and several tools.
2.6102 May 2022 09:31 minor bugfix: File format support improvements in Anfatec, Corning TTF, Nanonics, Nanoscope, STL, TIFF and WRUST and a new Nova ASCII data import module. A new command line option --convert-to-gwy for merging and conversion of SPM files to the GWY format. Nanoindentation analysis was rewritten and improved. There were miscellaneous fixes and improvements in Dimensions Units, graph and curve map force curve modules, perspective correction, shape fitting, lattice measurement, tip modelling and others.
2.6012 Nov 2021 13:25 major feature: New data type was added: curve maps representing sets of curves in each image pixel. Several new graph modules were added, in particular for FD curve handling. Support for WRUST AFM data files and experimental support for Quazar NPIC data were added and DM3, Igor, Keyence, Omicron MATRIX, Nanoscope and PS-PPT file import modules were improved. Dimensions and Units was rewritten. A new synthetic data module, Wetting, was added. A new command line option --identify detects and prints SPM data file type.
2.5928 Jun 2021 20:33 cleanup: The biggest change was a major cleanup of module parameter handling. It was accompanied with many small improvements in dozens of modules, previews were added, many parameters can now be entered in both pixels and physical units, etc. File format support was improved for Alicona, Omicron MATRIX, Park Systems, RHK SM4 and Unisoku.
2.5728 Dec 2020 12:21 minor feature: Support for Evovis XML profilometry data was added. Support for Anasys, Anfatec, MicroProf, Nanonis, Olympus OIR, and TIFF file formats was improved. New functions enable reading profiles from multiple images simultaneously, simplify extraction of clean mean profiles, classify data using neural networks and shifting mask with respect to image. There were also various minor bug fixes and improvements.
2.5630 Jun 2020 09:32 minor feature: Support for Asylum Research Ergo HDF5 and several 3D geometry formats was added. A new tool enables quick autocorrelation length estimation. Support for Nanoscope, WSxM, WSF, Olympus OIR, DM3 DM4, GDEF, VTK and raw XYZ data was improved. There were miscellaneous small bug fixes and improvements, mainly in statistics-related functions.
2.5504 Nov 2019 13:15 major bugfix: Missing ZIP support in file import modules was re-added. Three new volume data modules were added: rephase, z-position levelling and z-isosurface creation. Function for resampling to given pixel size was added. File format support was improved for MicroProf FRT, Olympus OIR and POIR, Olympus LEXT, Surfstand SDF, Leica, Nanoscope, SPIP ASC and Tescan. Other improved modules include pattern and Fourier synthesis, terrace fitting, rotation, correlation search, dimensions units and pixmap import.
2.5427 Aug 2019 15:04 major bugfix: A large number of miscellaneous bugs were fixed, some introduced when adding OpenMP support, some older. Terrace step height fitting modules for images and graphs were added. Experimental file import of Olympus OIR and Corning CSV was implemented. Two new synthetic modules were added: annealing and solution of nonlinear coupled PDEs. Other new modules include value warping, radial smoothing, displacement field distortion and statistical functions for graphs.
2.5328 Feb 2019 14:23 major feature: OpenMP parallelisation support was added. A new Profiles along axes tool was added and radial profile tool split off the basic tool. New general trimmed mean and k-th rank filter modules were added as well as a simple frequency-domain splitting, relation between two images, facet measurement and XYZ data merging. Read value tool now shows a zoomed area of measurement. There were various smaller improvements and bug fixes in other tools and file formats.
2.5214 Nov 2018 10:19 minor feature: Three new file import modules were added: Anasys XML, NanoSystem and AFM Workshop spectra. There is a new regularised image deconvolution module and two simple volume data processing modules: levelling and outliers correction by plane. MFM and transfer function-related modules were improved. Miscellaneous bugs were fixed.
2.5126 Jun 2018 15:26 major feature: Several image data processing modules were added: Hertzian contact theory, Area tip function, MFM data recalculation, Discs data synthesis and XYZ data conversion from channels. FFT Profile was replaced by a new 2D PSDF module. Several new volume data processing modules were added: Arithmetic, Stray field consistency check, Plane summary, ASCII export, Transfer function estimation and MFM data recalculation. Volume data 3D view was rewritten and improved. Support for two new file format was added: NASA Phoenix Mars mission AFM and Ambios 1D profiles. A large number of smaller improvements in file format support and data processing functions, and also bug fixes.
2.5002 Feb 2018 12:06 minor feature: Six new modules were added: ThermoFisher SPC and Nanonis DAT spectra import, image binning, convolution and two synthetic surface generators. Facet analysis and 2D ACF were substantially improved. There is a new grain statistics function. Miscellaneous improvements in dimensions units, correlation search, object synthesis, roughness and stats tool, XYZ triangulation, align rows, limit range and other functions.
2.4928 Aug 2017 06:19 major feature: Five new modules were added: graph statistics, simple volume operations, volume axis swapping, fibre synthetic data generator and mask noisify. Most statistical distributions and correlation functions can be calculated for irregular regions; ASG was added. The icon set was refreshed and the GUI also features a new adjustment widget. There were miscellaneous improvements in JPK, Igor, NanoScan and OPD file modules and in PSF, Mark scars, Sphere revolution, Profile, K-means and K-medians, Affine correction and Measure lattice data processing modules. Startup time was considerably improved.
2.4829 Apr 2017 07:50 major feature: Several new magnetic force microscopy (MFM) related modules were added together with two point spread function (PSF) estimation modules, module for data stitching based on origin offsets and a synthesis module mimicking phase-separated structures. There are new file import modules for Zeiss LSM and Dektak OPDx; a large number of other file modules were improved. This version also brings a new translation: Brazilian Portugese.
2.4718 Nov 2016 12:03 major bugfix: Selections broken in several modules in previous version were fixed. There was a major overhaul of pygwy (Python scripting), including some Python API changes as well as miscellaneous improvements in image export, statistical functions tool, object and lattice synthesis, NMM import, tip modelling and Laplace interpolation. A new graph module was added, transformation to logscale.
2.4614 Oct 2016 11:10 major feature: Geometrical shape fitting (both images and XYZ), grain marking by logistic regression and XYZ data levelling modules were added as well as two new file modules, Dektak XML and Dimension 3100D. The toolbox is now editable within the program. The sphere fitting module was removed. Several modules were considerably improved: cross-correlation, row/column statistics tool, image export and data rotation.
2.4526 Apr 2016 17:16 major feature: Initial native XYZ data support was implemented. XYZ files are loaded as native and rasterized upon request. Spline selections were added, with new Straighten Path module for extracting data along a curve. All data types have previews in the data browser and file open dialogue. Experimental support for IntelliWave ESD format was added; NMM, RHK, WSxM, Nanoscantech, GXYZF, APE DAX, Seiko and OME TIFF support was improved.
2.4411 Jan 2016 14:26 minor bugfix: File import support for Leica LIF CLSM, Nano Measuring Machine and Digital Micrograph DM4 was added. Support for APE, JEOL, Keyence, Magellan, Molecular Imaging, NanoScanTech, Nanoscope, Renishaw and RHK SM4 files was improved, as well as XYZ data import. A new module visualises entropy calculation. The 3D view is always full-resolution now. A large number of various bugs were fixed.
2.4325 Nov 2015 17:11 minor feature: Sensofar PLUx and Princeton SPE file import modules were added. Function for morphological operations were added to the libraries, leading to addition of two new modules: morphological operations with masks and marking of local outliers. Several filters were added to the Filter tool and it can act only on the masked/unmasked area now. Several mask creation functions can combine the result with an existing mask using logical operations. There were improvements in raw, Nanoscantech, NT-MDT, CSM, Nanoscope, Omicron flat and GWYXYZF file loading.
2.4207 Oct 2015 08:13 minor feature: The motley collection of line correction functions was replaced with a new module Align Rows. Support for Keyence VK4 files was added and substantially improved for Omicron Flat Files. There are two new data processing modules, lattice measurement and mask distribution to other channels, and volume data modules, line summarization and Z-calibration management. The profile tool can now extract radial profiles. Volume data Cut and Slice can extract multiple items simultaneously. There was a large number of small improvements and bug fixes.
2.4126 May 2015 14:51 minor feature: Four new modules were added: graph curve alignment, volume data slicing, log-phi PSDF and ballistic deposition simulation. Most graphing function permit choosing the target graph. Multidata functions recall previously selected secondary data. Support for Renishaw, Zeiss, Nanonis and Nanonics file formats was improved. There were a number of small improvements and bug fixes.
2.4007 Feb 2015 22:08 minor feature: New modules were added for XYZ file export, automated base levelling, K-medians clustering of volume data and simple SEM image simulation. 3D view can completely exclude masked areas. A function for mask thinning and two new fitting functions were added. Mask merging can automatically mask or crop outside pixels. A number of bugs in the new image export were fixed. Several file modules were updated and/or improved: APE DAX and APDT, NetCDF, NRRD, Omicron, Nanoeducator, Raw XYZ, WITec Project, NanoObserver, NanoScanTech, OpenGPS and SPMx.
2.3914 Nov 2014 16:27 major feature: Four new file import modules were added: Renishaw, NX II, Femtoscan and ACT SPMx. Image export was rewritten and allows rendering to vector graphics formats: PDF, EPS and SVG. Fractional Brownian motion artificial surface generator was added. A crash in statistical quantities when saving the table to file was fixed along with several other bugs in 3D view, file import and other areas. Korean translation was started; Czech, French and Russian translations were updated.
2.3818 Sep 2014 11:00 major feature: An integrated help was added. File import modules for OpenGPS, JEOL JSPM, FITS and FemtoScan TXT were added as well as new modules for K-means clustering for volume data and diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) data synthesis. There were various improvements to pygwy, volume data processing and other modules. Czech, French, German, Russian and Spanish translations were updated.