Hibernate 4.2.27

Hibernate is a popular Object/Relational Mapper tool for Java, and implements the persistence API. Besides ORM functionality, it provides indexing and search, annotation-based constraints, OGM for NoSQL storage, various tools (mapping editor, console, wizards, database reverse engineering) and a few extensions (Hibernate Shards).

Tags java orm hibernate database indexing
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

4.2.2724 Jun 2017 20:25 minor bugfix: HHH-10183 : Mapping for NVARCHAR in SqlServer not working with native queries; org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: -9. BZ-1457508 : race condition and level 2 cache configuration in standalone*.xml or domain*.xml.
4.2.2623 Mar 2017 13:45 minor bugfix: HHH-11516 : Level two cache may not be enabled when using @Cacheable without/instead of @Cache.
4.2.2522 Oct 2016 18:05 minor bugfix: HHH-11072 : Skip CriteriaLiteralInSelectExpressionTest#testStringLiteral2 for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase dialects. HHH-11073 : Casting to boolean in HQL query fails on MySQL. HHH-11182 - HQL subquery with constraint property in superclass does not join superclass table.
4.2.2423 Jul 2016 11:45 minor bugfix: HHH-10679 - Subselect fetching is not used for collections if their entity owners are initialized in a batch. HHH-10757 - "select new..." with CAST( NULL AS...) fails with QuerySyntaxException: unexpected AST node: NULL. Improvement. HHH-9021 - with literals in select expression.
4.2.2314 Apr 2016 05:05 minor bugfix: HHH-10563 - Significant String use/duplication associated with subselect fetch. BZ-1299734 - Derived identity tests failing with DB2. BZ-1299842 - Skip tests for HHH-10161 on Sybase. BZ-1326564 - AliasTest and MappingReorderedAliasTest fail on DB2.
4.2.2124 Oct 2015 16:05 minor bugfix: HHH-5255 - Merge detached entity failed when the instrumented lazy property is initialized. HHH-7573 - Lazy properties are not processed properly after a PreUpdate callback. HHH-9928 - Pending put leaks when the entity is not found in DB. HHH-10182 - Backport HHH-7898 and HHH-10005 for JTA environment only.
4.2.2025 Jul 2015 10:25 minor feature: Bug HHH-2851 - ParameterTranslationsImpl fails to correctly determine parameter type. HHH-9250 - BigIntegerSequenceGeneratorTest.testBasics fails on MS SQL Server 2012. HHH-9637 - Join is reused when 2 explicit joins are used for the same ToOne association. HHH-9758 - Broken SQL generated for dynamic batch fetching entities with a composite ID.
4.2.1916 Apr 2015 09:25 minor bugfix: Backport HHH-8853 to 4.2: NonBatchingBatch.addToBatch() calls statement.close() twice. Criteria creates invalid Column aliases. Embedded OneToMany association fetch join does not work in CriteriaQuery. Deprecation: buildSessionFactory() should return a sessionFactory.
4.2.1802 Feb 2015 06:05 minor bugfix: Collection deleted due to orphan removal fails with constraint violation. Add documentation about enabling NamingStrategyDelegator implementations. EnumeratedTypeTest - select from dual causes test failures on mssql, postgresql, db2 and sybase. EntityManager.flush() does not behave properly with transient one-to-one association and no cascade. Add EntityManager test case illustrating usage of query cache.
4.3.615 Dec 2014 18:25 minor feature: Sub-task org.hibernate.test.cache.CollectionCacheEvictionTest test fails on SAP/Sybase ase org.hibernate.test.generated.DefaultGeneratedValueTest test failure on SAP/Sybase ASE org.hibernate.test.sql.hand.query.NativeSQLQueriesTest failure on SAP/Sybase ASE Bug ClassCastException with parameter as CASE results Flush causes update query on field of type Byte ClassCastException when rendering SimpleCaseExpression Type mapping of @ColumnResult is ignored Lob proxy class loading problem Unable to instantiate AttributeConverter: root cause of exception hidden Hibernate 4.3.0.Final can no longer find JNDI DataSource that
4.2.1601 Nov 2014 17:05 minor bugfix: ./.