Hibernate 6.6.0

Hibernate is a popular Object/Relational Mapper tool for Java, and implements the persistence API. Besides ORM functionality, it provides indexing and search, annotation-based constraints, OGM for NoSQL storage, various tools (mapping editor, console, wizards, database reverse engineering) and a few extensions (Hibernate Shards).

Tags java orm hibernate database indexing
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

6.6.026 Apr 2024 07:05 major feature: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32271 HHH-17969 - NPE copying SQM tree for criteria delete statement with null predicate. Improvement. HHH-17999 - Avoid runtime reflection for org.hibernate.jdbc.Expectation. HHH-17993 - Metamodel processing on bootstrap: avoid retrying same metamodel class name multiple times. HHH-17991 - Reduce overhead from @DialectOverride discovery. HHH-17988 - MetadataContext should consistently use ClassLoaderService. HHH-17987 - Improve allocation rate of ReflectHelper#setterMethodOrNull. HHH-17980 - Excessive contention during getter identification in the ByteBuddy enhancer. HHH-17954 - StatelessSession should no longer ignore changes to collections. HHH-17824 - Extend usage spectrum of @Jpa to the test method level. New Feature. HHH-17955 - Bean validation and StatelessSession. HHH-17818 - Add new ConcreteProxy annotation.
6.4.116 Dec 2023 03:15 minor feature: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32216 HHH-17570 - Wrong name provided when checking Oracle autonomous JSON database. HHH-17561 - NullPointerException at OracleServerConfiguration class. HHH-17555 - equals hashcode combined with naturalId. HHH-17553 - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: null when loading an entity. HHH-17551 - Gradle Enterprise improvements. HHH-17528 - Explicit selection of an @Embeddable property containing associated collections doesn't work. HHH-17525 - StackOverflowError when using @ManyToMany with composite id. HHH-17520 - Schema creation fails with interval second data type on PostgreSQL. HHH-17519 - Initializing a lazy association with a non aggregate id causes a NPE. HHH-17515 - DynamicInstantiationResult wrong java type constructor selected. HHH-17499 - SemanticException when querying embedded id entity with positional parameter. HHH-17494 - Metamodel generator produces an uncompilable class when an EntityGraph name contains a comma. HHH-17491 - UnknownEntityTypeException thrown when multiple subclasses define an attribute with the same name and one is a MappedSuperclass. HHH-17489 - ConcurrentModificationException after upgrading to 6.4.0. HHH-17466 - Exception on query: Could not convert 'java.util.Locale' to 'java.util.Locale' using 'org.hibernate.type.descriptor.java.LocaleJavaType' to wrap. HHH-17464 - 6.4.0 regression: NullPointerException in DefaultEvictEventListener#onEvict. HHH-17456 - java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException thrown why logging set to TRACE. HHH-17445 - Subquery correlated path expressions do not work with nullness predicates. HHH-17418 - Bytecode enchanced read accessor for a final field uses "missing" writer method. HHH-17416 - Using tuples in WHERE clause throws SemanticException. HHH-17413 - Invalid SQL with TYPE() function and CASE expression in SELECT cl
6.4.026 Oct 2023 03:15 major feature: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32185 HHH-17351 - Missing basic type registration after changing preferred jdbc type. HHH-17332 - NullPointerException in TupleMappingModelExpressible constructor. HHH-17329 - Query Cache contains null values when entity was loaded as proxy. HHH-17306 - NPE in AbstractEntityPersister#logStaticSQL() when delogging is enabled. HHH-17302 - Use nocache for MariaDB sequences. HHH-17290 - Embeddable with a primitive field cannot be set to null. HHH-17288 - IdClass broken column mapping in `@OneToOne` when `mappedBy` is used by the owning side. HHH-17285 - @MapdKey fails with name attribute that represetns a path with dots separator. HHH-17283 - Subquery using Entity with composite Id causes SemanticException. HHH-17276 - Columns that are widened to LOB type aren't considered as LOBs. HHH-17264 - OracleAggregateSupport should use json_object to create empty json. HHH-17262 - JdbcTypeRecommendationException when using of persistence.xml file. HHH-17260 - ClassCastException when using SUM() on subquery root. HHH-17225 - Right join does not return records from the right table if there's no matching record in the from clause. HHH-17224 - Hibernate 6.x - native queries for multiple entities do not respect FetchMode.EAGER annotation directives. HHH-17223 - ClassCastException when using SUM() on COALESCE in criteria api. HHH-17211 - Hibernate entity with @Any attribute throws a null pointer exception on HQL select query. HHH-17208 - @Any mapping not working on HQL inserts. HHH-17193 - Error when merging entity with composite PK and nested to-many collection. HHH-17143 - More not-found ups. HHH-17108 - Error In Native Query when adding two Entity's and using composite key. Error: Unable to find column position by name. HHH-16935 - Hibernate cdi extension Regression introduced by HHH-16096. H
6.3.120 Sep 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32188 HHH-17221 - AssertionError initializing a collection with FetchMode.SUBSELECT and IdClass having only one field. HHH-17203 - ElementCollection doesn't consider @Where annotation on delete of elements. HHH-17202 - ArrayStoreException for single field id class entity collection batch loading. HHH-17201 - Unexpected value type exception for unordered multi id Load with ordered return disable. HHH-17189 - Audited annotations are ignored on embeddable super types. HHH-17177 - JDBC type code is ignored in XML mapping for an id attribute. HHH-17173 - Getting one-to-one association through a referenece to a bytecode enhanced entity fails. HHH-17168 - Investigate failures on db10_5 and Cockrachdb of FunctionTests.testCastBinaryWithLength. HHH-17167 - Unable to locate parameter for RESTRICT - DELETE error when removing entity with RowId. HHH-17166 - query methods returning primitive types incorrectly inferred to be mutation query methods. HHH-17165 - short method names in metamodel generator cause SIOBE. HHH-17163 - persist() should throw JPA's EntityExistsException if passed detached instance. HHH-17159 - java.lang.StackOverflowError during Update on Entity with Embeddable and JSON. HHH-17156 - NPE when an Embeddable column is reused in another class related by inheritance. HHH-17154 - NullPointerException is thrown when constructing EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl. HHH-17135 - CriteriaQuery error passing nullLiteral with entity type class. HHH-17131 - Regression in entity streams with associated collections resulting in result duplication. HHH-17105 - SQL clause from @WhereJoinTable is no longer used for DELETE queries (6.2 regression). HHH-17104 - with max() request inside projection. HHH-17100 - CustomType wrongly calls UserType#disassemble. HHH-17080 - Envers AuditReader.getRevisionNum
6.3.021 Jul 2023 07:05 major bugfix: Https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32084 HHH-16943 - Column ordering leads to wrong column order in unique constraints. HHH-16942 - OneToOne Mapping with PartitionKey fails. HHH-16923 - Deleting all entities of a given type fails when using a composite primary key and order_updates. HHH-16912 - Hibernate 6.2 breaks backward compatibility. HHH-16908 - Fail to compute column mapping on entity with idClass having one field as pk of a OneToOne association. HHH-16900 - Iteration of MutationOperation(s) triggers type pollution. HHH-16892 - LocalXmlResourceResolver does not resolve dtd URLs that use https scheme. HHH-16890 - StackOverflowError when loading entities with @Proxy(lazy = false). HHH-16872 - JDBC fetch size seems to be ignored post migration to hibernate6. HHH-16860 - OneToMany with inherited classes on both sides. HHH-16857 - JdbcLiteralFormatterCharacterData's lowercase 'n' causes invalid SQL syntax. HHH-16853 - Setting Named Query Parameters Is VERY Slow. HHH-16849 - When we use partition key in join columns generated query is incorrect and its failing. HHH-16843 - HQL 'value = null'. HHH-16839 - Failing to update a one-to-one lazy association with `OptimisticLockType.DIRTY` and enabled bytecode enhancement. HHH-16833 - Assertion Error when inserting two entities linked with a OneToOne relation. HHH-16832 - Bytecode enhancement leads to broken constructor for a generic embedded field in a MappedSuperclass. HHH-16821 - Fail to delete entity that contains an embedded with a many to many association as field. HHH-16820 - When batching enabled the LockModeType is ignored. HHH-16818 - JPQL parser treats 'N' as a String and fails org.hibernate.query.SemanticException: The assignment expression type java.lang.String did not match the assignment path type java.lang.Character . HHH-16813 - Metamodel Generator adds @Generator annotations that cannot be compiled. HHH-16812 - StackOverflowError an embedd
6.2.012 Jul 2023 06:25 major feature: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/32077 HHH-15900 - ID attributes with "select" generator are mapped to identity columns. HHH-15847 - DDL check constraint creation broken. HHH-15828 - setting TIMEZONE_DEFAULT_STORAGE to COLUMN does not work. HHH-15820 - inconsistent DDL generated Instant and ZonedDateTime, OffsetDateTime on Oracle. HHH-15819 - extract(offset hour minute from datetime) are broken. HHH-15814 - Add missing current timestamp methods in CockroachDB dialect. HHH-15801 - IdentifierGeneratorHelper should compare column names case insensitively. HHH-15775 - Connection error can result in UnknownServiceException, hiding actual exception. HHH-15767 - missing unique constraints from optional @OneToOne. HHH-15750 - Hibernate.isInitialized() broken for EnhancementAsProxyLazinessInterceptor. HHH-15748 - Use JSON DDL type on Oracle 21+ and BLOB on 12+. HHH-15741 - Explicit declaration assigned identifier generator does not work. HHH-15715 - broken links in 6 docs. HHH-15709 - HQL local datetime literals on Postgres, Cockroach H2. HHH-15704 - ManyToManyTest produces invalid foreign keys. HHH-15689 - SessionFactoryOptionsBuilder.addEntityNameResolvers() has no effect. HHH-15687 - IllegalArgumentException with Type parameters and multiple bounds. HHH-15682 - static final instances of LockOptions are mutable. HHH-15679 - Respect the offset of OffsetTime when persisting/loading data. HHH-15670 - RequiresDialectFeature.reverse() not implemented. HHH-15669 - Oracle 21 and 11 spatial test failure. HHH-15668 - Cockroach test failure: BatchOptimisticLockingTest.testBatchAndOptimisticLocking. HHH-15634 - Lazy basic property does not get updated on change. HHH-15627 - useless error message of multi-@JoinColumn mapping does not specify referencedColumnName. HHH-15571 - Bundle-Manifest has no 'Bundle-Version'. HHH-15565 - @Table(fetch=SELECT) is gone from H6. HHH-15549 - incorrect DDL mapping DECIMAL -
4.2.2724 Jun 2017 20:25 minor bugfix: HHH-10183 : Mapping for NVARCHAR in SqlServer not working with native queries; org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: -9. BZ-1457508 : race condition and level 2 cache configuration in standalone*.xml or domain*.xml.
4.2.2623 Mar 2017 13:45 minor bugfix: HHH-11516 : Level two cache may not be enabled when using @Cacheable without/instead of @Cache.
4.2.2522 Oct 2016 18:05 minor bugfix: HHH-11072 : Skip CriteriaLiteralInSelectExpressionTest#testStringLiteral2 for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase dialects. HHH-11073 : Casting to boolean in HQL query fails on MySQL. HHH-11182 - HQL subquery with constraint property in superclass does not join superclass table.
4.2.2423 Jul 2016 11:45 minor bugfix: HHH-10679 - Subselect fetching is not used for collections if their entity owners are initialized in a batch. HHH-10757 - "select new..." with CAST( NULL AS...) fails with QuerySyntaxException: unexpected AST node: NULL. Improvement. HHH-9021 - with literals in select expression.
4.2.2314 Apr 2016 05:05 minor bugfix: HHH-10563 - Significant String use/duplication associated with subselect fetch. BZ-1299734 - Derived identity tests failing with DB2. BZ-1299842 - Skip tests for HHH-10161 on Sybase. BZ-1326564 - AliasTest and MappingReorderedAliasTest fail on DB2.
4.2.2124 Oct 2015 16:05 minor bugfix: HHH-5255 - Merge detached entity failed when the instrumented lazy property is initialized. HHH-7573 - Lazy properties are not processed properly after a PreUpdate callback. HHH-9928 - Pending put leaks when the entity is not found in DB. HHH-10182 - Backport HHH-7898 and HHH-10005 for JTA environment only.
4.2.2025 Jul 2015 10:25 minor feature: Bug HHH-2851 - ParameterTranslationsImpl fails to correctly determine parameter type. HHH-9250 - BigIntegerSequenceGeneratorTest.testBasics fails on MS SQL Server 2012. HHH-9637 - Join is reused when 2 explicit joins are used for the same ToOne association. HHH-9758 - Broken SQL generated for dynamic batch fetching entities with a composite ID.
4.2.1916 Apr 2015 09:25 minor bugfix: Backport HHH-8853 to 4.2: NonBatchingBatch.addToBatch() calls statement.close() twice. Criteria creates invalid Column aliases. Embedded OneToMany association fetch join does not work in CriteriaQuery. Deprecation: buildSessionFactory() should return a sessionFactory.
4.2.1802 Feb 2015 06:05 minor bugfix: Collection deleted due to orphan removal fails with constraint violation. Add documentation about enabling NamingStrategyDelegator implementations. EnumeratedTypeTest - select from dual causes test failures on mssql, postgresql, db2 and sybase. EntityManager.flush() does not behave properly with transient one-to-one association and no cascade. Add EntityManager test case illustrating usage of query cache.
4.3.615 Dec 2014 18:25 minor feature: Sub-task org.hibernate.test.cache.CollectionCacheEvictionTest test fails on SAP/Sybase ase org.hibernate.test.generated.DefaultGeneratedValueTest test failure on SAP/Sybase ASE org.hibernate.test.sql.hand.query.NativeSQLQueriesTest failure on SAP/Sybase ASE Bug ClassCastException with parameter as CASE results Flush causes update query on field of type Byte ClassCastException when rendering SimpleCaseExpression Type mapping of @ColumnResult is ignored Lob proxy class loading problem Unable to instantiate AttributeConverter: root cause of exception hidden Hibernate 4.3.0.Final can no longer find JNDI DataSource that
4.2.1601 Nov 2014 17:05 minor bugfix: ./.