icubaby 1.2.2

icubaby is a C++ Library to Immediately Convert Unicode. It is a portable, header-only, dependency-free library for C++ 17 or later. Fast, minimal, and easy to use for converting sequences of text between any of the Unicode UTF encodings. Simple to use and exceptionally simple to integrate into a project, it does not allocate dynamic memory and neither throws or catches exceptions.

Tags c++ developers library unicode
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.215 Jun 2024 11:01 minor feature: - Update the CMake files to that we call add_test() for each of the test executables. This enables use of CTest to execute the collection of tests.
1.2.128 May 2024 08:02 minor feature: - Eliminated use of raw integer and fixed-width integer types (the latter are not required by the C++ standard). The uint_leastXX_t types are used instead. - Added some missing includes. - A few more cases when we can conditionally use C++ 20 ranges. - transcoder::partial() is now always a non-static const member function. In cases whether the function simply returns a constant, it was sometimes a static member function. Although pleasing to some static analysis tools, this was inconsistent with the generic transcoder interface. - Added a simple performance test harness. - Eliminated magic numbers in the UTF-8 and UTF-16 converters. - A small UTF-16 decoder optimization.
1.2.016 Apr 2024 10:31 minor feature: - Fix for a compilation error when composing a range adaptor such as std::views::transform() - Improved the documentation s examples by limiting the line length to better match the documentation width.