Recent Releases

3.0.209 Nov 2023 13:42 minor feature: Fixing server url argument parsing Following a less than cautious upgrade of the server side library some argument parsing done by flask-restx was broken. Previously the origin of each arg (url, header, json payload, etc) was indifferent, it seems, since the upgrade that it's required to specify where we expect the value to be.
10.0.009 Nov 2023 06:45 minor feature: Release 10.0.0 (2023-11-08) New: Support of ldap-auth;. Support for reverse proxy and virtual path;. Added robots.txt and humans.txt pages. Improvements: Major improvements to the categories page;. Improved displaying of numbers with localization;. Various peformance improvements. : an when editing the category of a feed;. in the JavaScript code. Various changes: Removed Twitter field from the users model;. Updated all Python and JavaScript dependendencies. Thank you to all the contributors and to the. Testers.
9.5.031 Mar 2022 03:27 minor feature: Release 9.5.0 (2022-03-31) New: commands Added a function which deletes read articles retrieved since more than 60. Days ago;. commands added a command to delete inactive users (number of months given in. Parameter);. stats_bp Added new blueprint for future stats and added a new bar chart in the. History page. Improvements: Improved indexes of the database;. Various improvements to the Web graphical interface;. Improved code style;. Updated Python and JavaScript dependencies;. Various improvements related to the migration to Bootstrap 5. : controllers an in the management of bookmark's tags;. Various.
9.4.009 Jun 2020 08:45 minor feature: Migrated form Flask-Script to the built-in integration of the click command Line interface of Flask;. When creating or editing a category it is now possible to assign feeds via a Select multiple field. Improved list of feeds menu. Feeds are now sorted per categories (sorted per Number of unread articles). And the feed icons are displayed;. Simplify loading of the configuration file;. Speed improvements to the /history page;. Various improvements to the Web user interface and to the crawler.
9.3.025 Mar 2020 13:05 minor feature: it is now possible to configure a Content Security Policy.
9.2.022 Mar 2020 02:25 minor feature: a Docker configuration file is provided. Some responsiveness work has been done. The interface is now more usable with small devices;. The search of articles has been improved;. Improved email notification mechanism. Various minor (mainly introduced on version 9.1.0 after the refactoring of the back-end).
9.1.013 Mar 2020 08:45 minor feature: The Web graphical interface is now using Bootstrap 4;. a lot of responsiveness work has been done;. The back-end code has been refactored and cleaned;. The configuration and deployment of Newspipe is now a lot easier.
9.027 Feb 2020 13:45 minor feature: Email address of users are no longer stored in the database. Only a Nickname and a password are required to create an account;. Deployment is now done with poetry;. Removed a lot bad JavaScript code. Feeds are now retrieved with requests. feedparser is only used for the Parsing;. Improvements to the crawler.
8.025 May 2017 14:45 minor feature: You can now manage your bookmarks with Newspipe;. a bookmarklet is available in order to quickly bookmark Web pages;. Import of bookmarks from Pinboard (JSON export);. New logo. Refactoring and code cleaning;. Improved Heroku auto-deploy functionality. Crawler: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable in html.unescape().
7.1.315 Nov 2016 07:45 minor feature: a template for the articles of public feeds has been added;. The template of the feeds is now also used for users who are not authenticated (if the feed is not private);. Tags of articles are now displayed in the UI. it is now possible to configure the feeds refresh interval (in minutes) for the crawler (even if the crawler is used with cron);. Various improvements to the UI of the public profile page;. Simpler format for the logs when the application is running on Heroku.
7.1.209 Nov 2016 03:15 minor feature: By default only list feeds with unread articles. By default only list feeds with unread articles. (2). By default only list feeds with unread articles by default. 'feeds' is now a list. Removed refresh_rate column for the user table. The export to HTML webzine functionality has been removed. Improved layout of the profile page. The user can now add its twitter page. Updated CHANGELOG. Fetch feeds only if the user do not want to use its own crawler. An administrator is now able to set the value of 'auto_crawling' for ?. Redirect to the dashboard. Some other new update for the public profile page. Generates the tag cloud of the user based on the last 10 weeks. Removed the tag cloud for the public profile page: too slow. Updated platform URL. New name: the last one. New name: the last one. New name: the last one. Letencrypt validation. Restoring TLS. Updated default email address. Call SSLify in bootstrap. Updated requirements.txt. . Try to. in the translations. Updated about page. Test. Test. Test. Test. Clean. Updated Added bower in the postdeployment of the app. Add again psycog. Added bower buildpacks. New buildpack for bower. Datatables for the user public profile page. Datatables for the feeds page. Unset BUILDPACK_URL. Tests with buildpacks. Test. Update.gitignore. Add a link to the public profiles of users (if the opt in for it). Updated deprecated code. Add the possibility to mak a feed as private. no need to specify an equality. Add a way to edit the visibity of a feed via the react interface. Updated some glyphicons. Try to limit the pool size and the number of connections that can be ?. This option should be useless (on Heroku). Reduce the number of connections. Test. a mess. Rollback if the last query fails. Updated CHANGELOG. Uses a strem handler for the logging on Heroku. Updated - updated_date. Strange problem here. de. Log this. Test. Updated python dependencies. Only set those two options when using SQLAlchemy. Set result to None by defa
7.1.105 Oct 2016 03:15 minor feature: Updated dependencies. a with SQLite support. a when getting the last retrieved article for the generatio?. Updated installation process. Oups. script. Updated installation script. Test. Remove debrug print. Test. Test. . . More tests. . . Test. Test. Removed duplicate glyphicon. a when removing a user who have feeds in categories. Updated CHANGELOG.
7.127 Sep 2016 03:15 minor feature: Public profile page for users;. Popular page: displays the most popular feeds recentlty added by the users;. New logo. The profile edition page has been improved;. The generation of the tag cloud has been improved (faster). a when loading the list of stop words.
7.003 May 2016 03:15 minor feature: Redoing entierly the home page with react;. Implementing category;. The classic crawler is now taking into account updated articles from feeds;. Support of HTTP proxy has been removed;. Article URL resolving has been removed (wasn't used);. Improvement of the management of users in the dashboard;. Account confirmation is now achieved with a token that expires in a specified time. Code re-arangement: move all code to /src/.
6.715 Dec 2015 21:06 minor feature: New: a filter mechanism for feeds has been added ;. Icon of feeds is now an url retrieved from the feed or the site link. Improvements: Improvements for the bookmarklet (PR #16 and PR #18);. Performance improvements (display of the /feed page);. Enhancements for the two crawlers;. Enhancements of the UI ;. Misc changes to the models and controllers.