Kavita 0.7.14

Kavita is a full-fledged, fast, cross-platform, & open-source manga, comic, and book server. Built from the ground up with a focus on manga and a goal of being a full solution to your reading needs. Set up your own server and share your manga, comics, and e-book collection with your friends and family. Extensive File support Manga/Comics: ZIP, RAR, RAR5, CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, TAR.GZ, 7ZIP/7Z Books: EPUB2, EPUB3, PDF Raw Images: JPG/JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, AVIF Manga/Comic Reader Image Scaling to fit your device screen or override for what feels best to you. Image Splitting for those joined page spreads, don't scroll on your tablet, just split Double page rendering with optional shadow to emulate reading a comic book Apply a brightness override to make it easier to read at night Reading Direction: Left/Right, Up/Down, Webtoon Webtoon reader built-in Read across archives without closing the reader Book Reader Interactive reader - can interact with text, run javascript Dark mode persists between page load Immersive mode, just you and the words No scroll mode with virtual pages Customize your reading experience with custom Font, Font Size, Margin, Reading Direction, Dark Mode Table of Content just a click away Remember line position and resume where you left off, no matter the device Read across books without closing the reader Dedicated PDF Reader Dedicated PDF reader to give you the best experience for your PDFs Offers light/dark mode and many customization options ...

Tags ebook ebookreader server book comics collection
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.7.1409 Feb 2024 03:15 minor feature: lt;p gt;A small on the surface, large under the hood release for everyone. This release first off the webtoon reader for our iOS users. Many have validated and want to thank the community for helping me test and lt;a class="user-mention notranslate" data-hovercard-type="user" data-hovercard-url="/users/Thundernerd/hovercard" data-octo-click="hovercard-link-click" data-octo-dimensions="link_type:self" href="https://github.com/Thundernerd" gt;@Thundernerd lt;/a gt; for doing some basic POC to help me drive it home. In addition to this, Want to Read had a critical in the architecture (that somehow slipped noticed for over a year now) where if one user adds a series to want to read, then another does, it will override the other. And lastly, for Kavita+ users, this is foundational release for the upcoming Basic Metadata feature. All data, like reviews, recommendations, and ratings are now stored in your DB. This leads to very quick response times and sets up the system for future data synchronization. lt;/p gt;. lt;p gt;Another big feature in this release is KavitaEmail is no longer required for those that want to use email (and me hosting an email service for everyone is no more). All email settings are built into the application and this has allowed me to streamline how Kavita works around email. Before, it was a mess of having to call an external system, check if the system was accessible externally, etc. Now, you MUST setup a host name (reverse proxy domain) and the email settings to use any email functionality. Due to this, all the flows got polished and should be much more consistent for users. lt;/p gt;. lt;p gt;Lastly, while it looks so small, it was over 3K lines of code, but volume numbers are now float-based, meaning if a volume is amp;lt; 1, it will now properly show on book library series detail page. In addition to this, Omnibus (Volume 1-2) is now much better supported and Kavita+ will get Volume 2 when you read an Omnibus vs Volume 1 previously. lt;/p g
0.7.1324 Jan 2024 13:32 minor feature: A quick and small update for you all with a focus on Kavita+ and a regression that appeared from NetVips, which is responsible for generating cover images, causing black and white covers. A word to all Kavita+ users, many of you have user's with AniList tokens that have expired. Your users need to go to User settings Account and generate a new one to continue scrobbling. Also don't forget to register your discord user id and gain access to the exclusive channels. We have been sharing some of the progress on the big items and I would love more feedback. We have over 10K active installs on old versions. If you're running Kavita, please update! You're missing out on the good stuff. Make sure you know that the docker repo has CHANGED. New repo here: https://hub.docker.com/r/jvmilazz0/kavita - You just need to switch your image to jvmilazz0/kavita:latest If you are on 0.7.6+ you can update directly to 0.7.13 otherwise you need to update incrementally to prevent data loss (v0.5.6 v0.7.1.4 v0.7.3.1 v0.7.6 v0.7.13) Added Added: Added the ability to delete a library from side nav menu Added: (Kavita+) Kavita now alerts the user on visiting their homepage that their AniList token needs rotating to continue scrobbling Changed Changed: (Kavita+) Kavita will now clear out existing, non-processed scrobbling events when a Series is put on hold. Changed: Lots of dependency updates Changed: Downloading a Volume (consisting of multiple chapter archives) or a Full Series will not auto extract and re-zip for you. Changed: Enhanced the messaging around events widget for downloading/preparing a download. Changed: Min length for a user review is now only 5 characters Changed: Downloads will download as cbz Changed: Under User settings Account tab, Email and AniList token will now inform user if the email is not validated or if AniList token needs to be regenerated (as they expire every few months) Changed: (Kavita+) Kavita will qu