kenotaph-daemon 1.0.0

kenotaph-daemon is a tool for detecting a presence of network devices through means of a packet capture. Both Wired and Wireless networks are supported, assuming appropriate hardware is available. Targeted device is identified by a user defined Berkeley Packet Filter, either by its IP address or Hardware address, however the use of BPF allows for higher complexity. A packet capture is done in promiscuous mode, and/or in monitor mode. kenotaph-daemon is designed to be a 'daemon' program that runs in the background. To communicate with other processes, a TCP/IP socket is opened on a defined port bound to a hostname. When a targeted device becomes present on a network, or becomes absent, a notification message is sent to all consumers connected to the socket.

Tags network detect device presence detection packet capture home automation
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

1.0.028 Feb 2016 02:29 minor feature: