Recent Releases

0.9.528 Dec 2022 22:31 major feature: This release adds support for Canon TS 200 series printers. Libxml2 has been added as a dependency.
0.9.421 Jul 2022 17:16 minor bugfix: This release fixes issues with newer autoconf versions and with newer libusb versions. Now on Linux systems libusb is required in at least version 1.0.22.
0.9.314 Jul 2018 18:41 major bugfix: Support for parallel port printers and for the Solaris OS have been removed. A bug in the handling of multiple USB printers has been fixed. Detection of additional ink cartridges (e.g. orange) has been added. FreeBSD support has been improved.
0.9.216 May 2015 08:45 major bugfix: USB printer discovery has been fixed and optimized. Support for the Canon MP540 series has been added.
0.9.006 Feb 2015 22:45 major feature: The following changes are included: FreeBSD support has been added. On Linux and FreeBSD systems the communication with an USB printer is now handled by libusb-1.0. This should resolve compatibility issues with CUPS. The following printers are now supported too: Canon MP980, Canon S750, Canon MG7100 series and Canon MX870 series.