Recent Releases

0.3.201 May 2023 19:28 minor bugfix: This release fixes a crash triggered by Carla while saving without path. It also allows for overlapping notes during sustain, which makes sustain sound more realistic.
0.3.121 Jul 2022 14:51 major bugfix: This version is a bugfix release. It has the same features as liquidsfz-0.3.0, but two problematic bugs that could cause crashes have been fixed.
0.3.018 Jul 2022 15:07 major feature: Sample data is now loaded on demand (preload start of the sample, background load as needed). The sound quality was improved by using better interpolation/resampling. Playback now provides CC7 (Volume) and CC10 (Pan) even if not defined in .sfz file.
0.2.327 Jan 2021 17:47 minor feature: This release adds support for LFOs (both SFZ1 and SFZ2 style). Typical use cases for LFOs are vibrato and tremolo. The preprocessor was improved and support for curve sections and the related opcodes was added.
0.2.118 Oct 2020 16:30 minor feature: New opcode offset (and related) are now supported. In addition to .sfz files Hydrogen drumkits can be imported. The liquidsfz JACK client is now interactive, so commends can be typed by the user. Building as shared library is now possible. Many small improvement and fixes have been made.