loginx 1.4

This is a combination of getty, login, and xinit for use on Linux console. Has a friendly curses-based prompt. Scroll through valid login names instead of typing it. Will remember last login name, so all you have to type is the password. Will launch X if .xinitrc is present, or a shell otherwise. Can fallback to plain shell if X fails to start.

Tags system login xinit
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

1.406 Jul 2022 16:37 major feature: Display localized prompts and messages.
1.304 May 2022 03:16 minor feature: 2022-05-03 Release 1.3 UI will now be only prompted by PAM conversation. Display PAM informational messages and errors. login process entry being mislabeled in wtmp. Write dead process entries to wtmp.
1.228 Dec 2021 03:15 minor feature: 2021-12-27 Release 1.2 Support launching X without root privileges. Improve hung X startup detection and recovery. Improve configure portability.
1.103 May 2021 03:25 minor feature: 2021-05-02 Release 1.1 Explicitly launch X as root because X no longer provides the suid. Launcher. signal race condition that could result in a hung tty. When X crashed too quickly. Reset terminal after X crash.
1.010 Jul 2020 19:10 minor feature: Set logind-related XDG_ environment variables. Use /etc/shells to find unusable accounts. Use pkg-config to find ncurses. Add installdirs target and DESTDIR support. Change license to ISC.
0.202 Dec 2017 00:04 minor feature: Create an Xauthority file for each display. Add more checking for failed X startup. Redirect X session output to /tmp/user/xsession-errors. Start X on the same vt as login. Write a user process entry to utmp and clear it on exit. Add configure checks for PAM and NCurses. Installation fixes.