Recent Releases

0.9.30416 Oct 2017 19:25 minor feature: Make lollypop-cli working again. Do not remove tracks if collection does not exist.
0.9.303.112 Oct 2017 20:45 minor feature: a flatpak.
0.9.30309 Oct 2017 00:05 minor feature: Another : sync code was broken ?.
0.9.30004 Oct 2017 06:45 minor feature: New "never played albums" section. Remove all youtube-dl play code. .
0.9.24412 Jul 2017 15:45 minor feature: Packages build.
0.9.24308 Jul 2017 03:25 minor feature: Meson build. a GTK require.
0.9.24104 Jul 2017 03:16 minor feature: an important with Spotify API.
0.9.24009 Jun 2017 05:45 minor feature: 0.9.240. GH template: typo. Merge branch 'master' of
0.9.23904 Jun 2017 06:45 minor feature: After creating a new playlist, keyboard focus should be on the ne?. Remove flatpak. Remove unused file. Remove unwanted code. Add smart prev. . . Remove empty Loved albums section. . . . . Mark track in search. 0.9.239.
0.9.23826 May 2017 21:25 minor feature: an in crossfade.
0.9.23722 May 2017 04:25 minor feature: Random func. 0.9.237.
0.9.23418 May 2017 09:05 minor feature: Play album UI inconsistency. Handler version option. 'Show albums from artist' UX navigation glitch. Theme change clicking on. 0.9.234.
0.9.23311 May 2017 13:25 minor feature: 0.9.232. Revert "Do not keep InfoPopover. ". Class name. Do not update view if not needed. This code needs to be rewritten. ?. Get_duration() should never return None. 0.9.233.
0.9.23114 Apr 2017 03:16 minor feature: Respect gtk dark theme setting. Rework session management. Enhanced mime type detection. Allow lyrics for radios.
0.9.23024 Feb 2017 11:45 minor feature: Enhanced charts support.
0.9.22924 Jan 2017 03:16 minor feature: Do not show charts in collection (Disable/Enable charts to it).
0.9.22818 Jan 2017 06:25 minor feature: an with MPRIS. Do not list web artists in sync dialog. Order tracks by name if no track number available.
0.9.22614 Jan 2017 18:05 minor feature: Do not use Gio for http downloads!.
0.9.22407 Jan 2017 04:45 minor feature: Allow user to manually rate songs/albums. Low quality image search fallback support when no Google API key available. Playback. New fast scroll widget!. New loved album section. Original date tag support. AN IMPORTANT MEMORY LEAK (on first collection scan). Enhanced lyrics support. Enhanced search widget. Itunes search provider.
0.9.22310 Dec 2016 07:45 minor feature: Bypass gvfs-http: . Better search provider. Now (opt) depends on lollypop-portal:
0.9.22204 Dec 2016 00:05 minor feature: Enhanced popularity behaviour. Crash in playlist manager.
0.9.22130 Nov 2016 02:05 minor feature: a crash with radio playback. Small enhancements.
0.9.22025 Nov 2016 20:45 minor feature: Crash in settings. Crash in artwork dialog.
0.9.21721 Nov 2016 21:45 minor feature: Lollypop search provider. Netease support for web playback. .
0.9.21616 Nov 2016 14:05 minor feature: With radios.
0.9.21512 Nov 2016 19:45 minor feature: New filtering feature. Force GDK X11 backend. #810. .
0.9.21408 Nov 2016 04:45 minor feature: Allow using network share as collection. Allow disabling charts. Allow disabling network access.
0.9.21324 Oct 2016 09:45 minor feature: Do not show charts in random tracks. Skip youtube tracks when no network available.
0.9.21220 Oct 2016 05:45 minor feature: an with MPRIS on Ubuntu 16.10.
0.9.21116 Oct 2016 04:05 minor feature: an on Ubuntu 16.10. an with volume control.
0.9.21009 Oct 2016 03:16 minor feature: Lastfm popover on Ubuntu. Better youtube search.
0.9.20805 Oct 2016 10:25 minor feature: Important with pylast. Initial "similar artists" support (pylast needed).
0.9.20601 Oct 2016 18:45 minor feature: an with GTK 3.22. Do not search in youtube based on audio length. Add lollypop-cli command line helper.
0.9.20525 Sep 2016 03:25 minor feature: Read lyrics from tags. Many.
0.9.20421 Sep 2016 12:05 minor feature: an in MPRIS. Rework search.
0.9.20117 Sep 2016 03:16 minor feature: a small with youtube API.
0.9.11303 Sep 2016 06:25 minor feature: Enhanced search engine. MTP sync for albums. Move stats to settings dialog. Move artist artwork outside cache. Lastfm scrobbler. Guess tracknumber from filename. with Unity. Rework all code (may have introduced unwanted regressions).
0.9.11211 Jul 2016 00:25 minor feature: an with image downloader:
0.9.11106 Jul 2016 10:05 minor feature: Preview audio tracks on the fly (and output them on an headphone for example). with collection scanner. Extend drag drop. Other.
0.9.11015 Jun 2016 14:05 minor feature: an with radios.
0.9.10911 Jun 2016 10:05 minor feature: Release.
0.9.10720 May 2016 21:05 minor feature: Show box only once loaded. MPRIS on Gnome shell. Disable global shortcuts for GTK 3.14/3.16. #628. Remove uneeded button. radio width. Merge branch 'master' of old untested code. #633. Remove priority arg, seems to really look bad on some hardware. Add css class before show(). Center self instead of eventbox. 0.9.107.
0.9.10616 May 2016 12:45 minor feature: Option to store covers in tags (needs kid3). an in Fullscreen. Others.
0.9.10513 May 2016 01:45 minor feature: an with sortorder. an with HiDPI in MPRIS. With artwork cache. Add support for shortcuts window.
0.9.10409 May 2016 01:45 minor feature: an with read only fs. Add support for disc subtitle comment. an with overlay. Remove arrow in list (bad with artist artwork, bad on elementary...).
0.9.10104 May 2016 22:25 minor feature: MPRIS on Ubuntu. an with cover update. Add a custom search widget to artwork popover.
0.9.10030 Apr 2016 19:05 minor feature: an with Gtk 3.18. in Tunein search. Add a button to reset database (without metadata loss). Add actions on artist.
0.9.9826 Apr 2016 16:25 minor feature: was not working for users without Gnome Online Account. Various.
0.9.9721 Apr 2016 08:45 minor feature: an in MTP sync. an when showing artists for track.
0.9.9620 Apr 2016 05:05 minor feature:
0.9.9513 Apr 2016 13:25 minor feature: Various. Enable Gnome Shell 3.20 MPRIS controls. Move to GIO DBus on GNOME 3.20 (Thanks to Gnome Music code). Should work again on Elementary OS.
0.9.9306 Apr 2016 03:21 minor feature: an with overlays.
0.9.9124 Mar 2016 09:25 minor feature: Release.
0.9.9023 Mar 2016 23:14 minor feature: Rewritten queue popover. New playlists/albums popover (You can manage tracks/albums while browsing your collection). New overlay buttons. Drag drop in playlists. Fast queuing. Multi playlists selection. Jump to current track button. Elementary OS support back.
0.9.8721 Feb 2016 08:05 minor feature: Remove test about gtk version. Add a shortcut for queue popover. Add a shortcut for shuffle. Keep queue widget. Remove source before calling responsive_design(). -symbolic doesn't work on Fedora. And does on UbuntuGnome/ArchLi?. Do not show Notebook border. window on Gdk.KEY_Escape. #476. Allow user to hide next popover. Merge branch 'master' of Add missing getter. valign in playlist widget. Always hide popover when needed. 0.9.87.
0.9.8617 Feb 2016 16:25 minor feature: an with crossfading. Finally support artwork in notifications. Add a new responsive design mode (Ctrl + m for Mini player). Somes in MTP sync.
0.9.8510 Feb 2016 10:25 minor feature: an with crossfading.
0.9.8306 Feb 2016 20:45 minor feature: Many in collection scanner. Allow user to snap windows again (screen width needs to be = 1400).
0.9.8003 Feb 2016 00:25 minor feature: Crossfading support. Allows user to merge views by selecting multiple items. Converts files to MP3 on MTP sync (Android Phones...). an with headerbar.
0.9.7716 Jan 2016 19:45 minor feature: With cover drawing. With player.
0.9.7612 Jan 2016 14:05 minor feature: Faster album view loading (on demand). For MTP and Android devices.
0.9.7510 Dec 2015 10:25 minor feature: Use Duckduckgo, Google API is dead. Add a slider to select covers size.
0.9.7407 Dec 2015 01:05 minor feature: Big in scanner. 0.9.73 was broken :(.
0.9.7102 Dec 2015 08:05 minor feature: Make popover widget as current context widget. 0.9.71. Check replaygain module is available. Handle artist-sortname tag. Add entries sorted. #371. comment. Unused widget. cover size in fullscreen. 0.9.72.
0.9.7028 Nov 2015 03:22 minor feature: Initial MPD support (unstable). Animation when loading radios. Stats in about dialog. Restore window position when hidden. Right click on albums. MTP errors.
0.9.6227 Oct 2015 20:05 minor feature: an with radios.
0.9.6021 Oct 2015 03:15 minor feature: Faster playlist loading (in sqlite db). Faster cover drawing. .
0.9.5206 Oct 2015 13:05 minor feature: #294. #291.
0.9.5002 Oct 2015 16:25 minor feature: New position indicator over slider. Reworked artist informations popover. Auto download covers from Reworked "loved songs" dialogs. Faster album loading. Many code optimizations.
0.9.4227 Jul 2015 03:15 minor feature: Fix issue with next/prev in radios.
0.9.4123 Jul 2015 14:05 minor feature: Fix issues with radios. Fix issues with GTK+ = 3.17. Fix segfault in tunein. Add right click on tracks.
0.9.4017 Jul 2015 03:16 minor feature: Fix issues with scrobbler. Fix issue with "stop after this track". Fix various crashes.
0.9.3909 Jul 2015 20:25 minor bugfix: Add an option to restore original behaviour: Show compilations in albums view. Bug fix for Elementary OS. Add a button in next popover allowing user to skip next track. Fix fullscreen mode in XFCE. Rework fullscreen mode. MPRIS fixes for external tracks. Fix in MTP sync code.
0.9.3801 Jul 2015 16:25 minor feature: 0.9.37 was missing translations update.
0.9.3627 Jun 2015 06:45 minor feature: Fix issue in queue.
0.9.3523 Jun 2015 11:05 minor feature: Another try to fix thread issue.
0.9.3219 Jun 2015 17:25 minor feature: 415 KB lollypop-0.9.32.tar.xz. . Source code (zip). . Source code (tar.gz).
0.9.3015 Jun 2015 15:25 minor feature: Lastfm support. Tunein support for radios/podcasts browsing. Auto download missing covers. Recents, populars... playlists. New playlist widget. Preview next track in party/shuffle/fullscreen mode. Minimal context widget for external tracks. HiDPI support. Lists with too many elements show current letter near mouse. Codecs installation via Packagekit. New symbolic icon. Rewrite MTP sync code. Many bug fixes. Many new bugs ;). Next version should be 1.0.
0.9.2023 May 2015 06:25 minor feature: Radios support. Faster/Better collection scanner. Support external tag editors. Fedora symbolic icons fix. New random albums view. Many bug fixes.
0.9.1121 Apr 2015 12:05 minor feature: Bug fixes. Cache empty covers because gstreamer is a little slower than mutagen.
0.9.1917 Apr 2015 23:05 minor bugfix: Drop mutagen dependency, full gstreamer scanner... Reading tags is now rock solid :). Can be set as default audio player. Rework settings dialog. Many code optimizations. You can force CSD. New options in dconf. Fix MPRIS support. Show discs number. Enable type-to-find in lists.
0.9.523 Mar 2015 16:45 minor feature: Bugfix release.
0.9.416 Mar 2015 01:45 minor feature: Fix crash when switching "by genres/by artists". Fix crash for albums with multiple genres. Do not change current view when switching "by genres/by artists".
0.9.211 Mar 2015 07:05 minor feature: Fix: Populate playlist edit dialog
0.9.007 Mar 2015 02:05 major feature: Playlists support. Sync to mtp devices support. Fullscreen view. UI improvments.
0.8.2007 Jan 2015 14:25 minor feature: Add shuffle by album Many bugfixes
0.8.1930 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: Fix bug in shuffle mode
0.8.1827 Dec 2014 01:05 minor bugfix: Fix cover downloader. Fix bugs introduced by 0.8.16. Fix artist context view. Fix previous track in shuffle. Smooth switch between views. Fix all artists view. Fix compilations tracks titles.
0.8.902 Dec 2014 12:25 minor bugfix: New background mode: do not reset view when reloading. Trackwidget fixed.