menubuilder.lua 1.11

menubuilder.lua is a lua program (requires libUseful and libUseful-lua) that builds root menus for window managers using both .desktop files and an internal database. Supported window managers are: blackbox, fluxbox. openbox, icewm, pekwm, pwm, mlvwm, jwm, twm, vtwm and ctwm. Icons are supported under icewm, openbox and jwm. menubuilder searches for icons matching a list specified for the app in the config-file, then by the program name and filename, then by the group that the program belongs to. A section can be added to the top of the menu for 'favorite' applications. Xdialog/Zenity/Qarma can be used for programs that require a url or filelist or other argument to be passed on startup.

Tags window manager menu
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1116 Feb 2023 13:18 minor feature: Support added for xmenu, ctrlmenu, moonwm and fvwm
1.810 Jul 2020 19:18 minor feature: Openbox support. Signal jwm, icewm and openbox window managers to reload their config. Faster icon search.
1.608 May 2020 08:58 minor feature: Added '-misc' and '-submenu' options to deal with menus that have too few items in them. Items gleaned from .desktop files can now be put into the 'faves' group.
1.309 Dec 2019 21:05 minor feature: Support added to pwm window manager. Fixes for pekwm window manager.
1.018 Feb 2019 22:31 minor feature: