Recent Releases

0.10.009 Jun 2024 09:45 major bugfix: Implement tagging and filtering messages. Adjust media previews and optimize memory footprint. Implement sharing profile attribute and profile picture with contacts. several UI and memory leaks. Improve UI to waste less vertical space for smaller screens. Add localization for English, German and Spanish.
0.9.015 Mar 2024 15:17 major bugfix: * Fixes compatibility with libgnunetchat 0.3.0 * Contacts can be blocked and unblocked * Fix message sorting and notification handling for recent only * Fix deletion and updating of previous messages * Use pipewire and libportal for GStreamer pipelines * Remove unreadable whispered messages * Invitations can be rejected via tagging * Sent private messages can be read from sender * Fix multiple memory and synchronization issues * Camera sensor can be selected for capturing QR codes
0.7.012 Jun 2022 14:15 minor feature: We are pleased to announce the release of the Messenger-GTK application. The application is a convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of devices. The interface is also designed in a way to scale down to mobile and small screen devices like phones or tablets. The application provides the following features: Creating direct chats and group chats Managing your contacts and groups Invite contacts to a group Sending text messages Sending voice recordings Sharing files privately Deleting messages with any custom delay Renaming contacts Exchanging contact details physically Verifying contact identities Switching between different accounts The application utilizes the previously released library "libgnunetchat" in a convergent graphical user interface. More information about that can be found here. It is also possible to install and try the application as flatpak. The application is already available on Otherwise you will find the source code ready to compile below as well.