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1.22.221 Feb 2024 21:45 minor feature: Patch release for rp2 DMA, UART and BLE, esp32 BLE, renesas-ra I2C This is a patch release containing the following commits: py/compile: potential Py-stack overflow in try-finally with return. Extmod/asyncio: support gather of tasks that finish early. Extmod/modssl_mbedtls: cipher iteration in SSLContext.get_ciphers. Extmod/btstack: reset pending_value_handle before calling write-done cb. Extmod/btstack: reset pending_value_handle before calling read-done cb. Esp32/mpnimbleport: release the GIL while doing NimBLE port deinit. Esp32: increase NimBLE task stack size and overflow detection headroom. Mimxrt/modmachine: deepsleep wakeup pin ifdef. Renesas-ra/ra: SysTick clock source. Renesas-ra/boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33: the RTC clock source. Renesas-ra/ra/ra_i2c: byte and 2 bytes read. Rp2/rp2_dma: fetching 'write' buffers for writing not reading. Rp2/machine_uart: event wait in uart.flush() and Rp2: change machine.I2S and rp2.DMA to use shared DMA IRQ handlers.
1.23.0-preview04 Jan 2024 04:45 minor feature: All: Bump version to 1.23.0-preview. Signed-off-by: Damien George lt; gt;.
1.22.028 Dec 2023 03:25 minor feature: SSL support in asyncio, sorted qstr pools, common machine module bind ings. This release of MicroPython introduces SSL/TLS support to asyncio, for both. The client and server sides. The interface matches CPython: `asyncio.open_connection()` and `asyncio.start_serve()` now both accept an. `ssl` argument to supply an `SSLContext` object. As part of this, new. Methods were added to `SSLContext` to load certificates, and certificate. Date/time validation was enabled on all ports that use mbedTLS. Qstr pools are now sorted, which provides a significant performance boost. For `qstr_find_strn()`, which is called a lot during parsing and loading of. .mpy files, as well as interning of string objects, which happens in most. String methods that return new strings. The static pool (part of the.mpy. ABI) isn't currently sorted, but could be in the future. There have been many internal changes to the `machine` module (and on some. Ports the `os` module) to factor the Python bindings to a common location. Reduce code duplication and make the API more consistent across all the. Ports. And a new `` script has been added to factor pin. Generation and enable a more consistent `machine.Pin` across ports. For. Consistency, the following user-facing changes have been made: Cc3200 port: The `machine` module gains `soft_reset()`, `mem8`, `mem16`. `mem32` and `Signal`; it loses `POWER_ON`. `disable_irq()` now returns an (opaque) integer rather than a bool, and. `enable_irq(state)` must be passed an argument which is the return value. of `disable_irq()`, rather than a bool. In the `os` module, `dupterm()`. Has been converted to use the common implementation and has semantics the. Same as other ports, and `uname()` is removed to save space (sys.version. And sys.implementation can be used instead). Esp32 port: In the `machine` module, `lightsleep()` and `deepsleep()` no. Longer take the `sleep` keyword argument, instead it'
1.22.0-preview10 Oct 2023 07:05 minor feature: all: Switch to new preview build versioning scheme. See #12127 for details. Previously at the point when a release is made, we update mpconfig.h. and set a git tag. i.e. the version increments at the release. Now the version increments immediately after the release. The workflow is: 1. Final commit in the cycle updates mpconfig.h to set (X, Y, 0, 0) (i.e. clear the pre-release state). 2. This commit is tagged "vX.Y.0". 3. First commit for the new cycle updates mpconfig.h to set (X, Y+1, 0, 1). (i.e. increment the minor version, set the pre-release state). 4. This commit is tagged "vX.Y+1.0-preview". The idea is that a nightly build is actually a "preview" of the _next_. release. i.e. any documentation describing the current release may not. actually match the nightly build. So we use "preview" as our semver. pre-release identifier. Changes in this commit: - Add MICROPY_VERSION_PRERELEASE to mpconfig.h to allow indicating that. this is not a release version. - Remove unused MICROPY_VERSION integer. - Append "-preview" to MICROPY_VERSION_STRING when the pre-release state. is set. - Update py/ to no longer generate MICROPY_GIT_HASH. - Remove the one place MICROPY_GIT_HASH was used (it can use. MICROPY_GIT_TAG instead). - Update py/ to also understand. MICROPY_VERSION_PRERELEASE in mpconfig.h. - Update py/ to convert the git-describe output into. semver-compatible "X.Y.Z-preview.N.gHASH". - Update to generate filenames using the new scheme. - Update to match new scheme. - Update mpremote's pyproject.toml to handle the "-preview" sufin the. tag. setuptools_scm maps to this "rc0" to match PEP440. - docs heading where it incorrectly said "vvX.Y.Z" for release docs. This work was funded through GitHub Sponsors. Signed-off-by: Jim Mussared lt; gt;.
1.21.006 Oct 2023 07:45 minor feature: U-module renaming, deflate module, IDF 5, board variants and Pico-W BLE This release of MicroPython sees the renaming of built-in modules to remove. The u-pre, a new deflate module with optional compression support, the. Introduction of board variants, switching of the esp32 port to use IDF 5. Together with improved heap management, support for BLE on RPi Pico W. Boards, and STM32H5xx support. The project is also now using codespell and. Ruff to improve code quality. New boards added in this release are: ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32 and UM_NANOS3 (esp32 port), ADAFRUIT_METRO_M7 (mimxrt. Port), ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33 and VK_RA6M5 (renesas-ra port). ADAFRUIT_METRO_M4_EXPRESS (samd port), NUCLEO_L4A6ZG and STM32H573I_DK. (stm32 port). The renaming of built-in modules to remove the u-pre-- for example. Utime becomes time, uasyncio becomes asyncio -- is done to improve. Compatibility with CPython and eliminate confusion about whether to import. The u-version or the non-u-version of the name. Now, one should just. Always import the non-u-version and no longer think about u-naming. The. Only remaining module with a u-preis uctypes because it is not. Compatible with the CPython ctypes modules. The following modules are. Still available via their u-names for backwards compatibility: array. Asyncio, binascii, bluetooth, collections, cryptolib, errno, hashlib. Heapq, io, json, machine, os, platform, random, re, select, socket, ssl. Struct, time, websocket. These modules (except for asyncio) are also. Extensible and can be overridden by a file with the same name, eg To force the import of a built-in, one must first clear (and subsequently. Restore) sys.path; the ability to write to the sys.path attribute has also. Been implemented in this release. For further information see the. Discussion at #9018. Furthermore, importing itself has been tweaked and optimised, and importing. of built-ins no longer touch the filesystem,
1.20.006 Jul 2023 12:27 minor feature:
14 Mar 2021 22:45 minor feature: