MINIX 3.3.0

MINIX 3 is an operating system distribuion based on a reliability-oriented and fault-tolerant microkernel. Originally a research project, it now provides extensive GNU and BSD-system userland support (it's source-compatible to NetBSD). It provides virtual file systems, virtual memory management, process and thread separation, and device drivers as userland implementation.

Tags c kernel operating-system microkernel bsd distribution
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.018 Sep 2014 16:57 hidden: First release with ARM support specifically for BeagleBoards, and x86-64 builds. Portable crosscompiling for both ARM and x86. LLVM / clang is supported alongside GCC. Packages are dynamically linked now. New modular input infrastructure: input server and keyboard driver separated from TTY. Unified block cache shared by FSes and VM.