MLT Multimedia Framework 7.24.0

The engine of a non-linear video editor that can be used in all sorts of apps, not just desktop video editors. MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting. It provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players, transcoders, web streamers and many more types of applications. The functionality of the system is provided via an assortment of ready to use tools, XML authoring components, and an extensible plug-in based API.

Tags audio video
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

7.24.028 Apr 2024 14:45 major bugfix: Framework a small memory leak in `mlt_repository`. a small memory leak in `MltPushConsumer` C++ class. Block connecting a null producer to a service. Include `locale.h` on any GNU libc platform. Modules. Added a new `spatialaudio` module with filters: - `ambisonic-decoder`. - `ambisonic-encoder`. building with FFmpeg 7. text keywords do not work with non-ASCII filenames on Windows: - `pixbuf` producer. - `opencv_tracker` filter. - `dynamictext` filter. - `qimage` producer. Added "" property to the `avformat` producer. `distort` property not working in `movit.rect` filter. frames dropping or repeating in the `multi` consumer. the `dynamic_loudness` filter maximizing audio gain. distortion in the `mono` filter. Also check for `WAYLAND_DISPLAY` to detect a graphical session in the `qt` and `glaxnimate` modules. the `wave` filter distorts if `wave` = 1 with preview scaling. Added the read-only ` u.codec.layout` property to `avformat` producer. Set the `channel_layout` property on the frame for the `noise` and `tone` audio producers. `outline` maximum for the `text` and `dynamictext` filters. Other. crash when using `-chain` from `melt`. a small memory leak on Windows `fopen()`.
7.22.016 Dec 2023 11:57 minor feature: Framework Added new functions: mlt_property_is_color() mlt_property_is_numeric() mlt_property_is_rect() Many new keyframe types: mlt_keyframe_smooth_loose - = (same as old mlt_keyframe_smooth - Unity Catmull-Rom spline) mlt_keyframe_smooth_natural - = (Centripetal Catmull-Rom spline with natural slope) mlt_keyframe_smooth_tight - -= (Centripetal Catmull-Rom spline with 0 slope) mlt_keyframe_sinusoidal_in - a= mlt_keyframe_sinusoidal_out - b= mlt_keyframe_sinusoidal_in_out - c= mlt_keyframe_quadratic_in - d= mlt_keyframe_quadratic_out - e= mlt_keyframe_quadratic_in_out - f= mlt_keyframe_cubic_in - g= mlt_keyframe_cubic_out - h= mlt_keyframe_cubic_in_out - i= mlt_keyframe_quartic_in - j= mlt_keyframe_quartic_out - k= mlt_keyframe_quartic_in_out - l= mlt_keyframe_quintic_in - m= mlt_keyframe_quintic_out - n= mlt_keyframe_quintic_in_out - o= mlt_keyframe_exponential_in - p= mlt_keyframe_exponential_out - q= mlt_keyframe_exponential_in_out - r= mlt_keyframe_circular_in - s= mlt_keyframe_circular_out - t= mlt_keyframe_circular_in_out - u= mlt_keyframe_back_in - v= mlt_keyframe_back_out - w= mlt_keyframe_back_in_out - x= mlt_keyframe_elastic_in - y= mlt_keyframe_elastic_out - z= mlt_keyframe_elastic_in_out - A= mlt_keyframe_bounce_in - B= mlt_keyframe_bounce_out - C= mlt_keyframe_bounce_in_out - D= Fixed missing support for mlt_service_transition in Mlt::Producer() C++ constructor. Modules Fixed rotoscoping filter crash on image with height = 0. Fixed crashed due to qtblend transition requesting an image of 0 width or height. Added support for RtAudio 6 in the rtaudio consumer. Fixed createdate keyword deletes preceeding text in dynamictext filter. Added