Recent Releases

2.2.406 May 2019 14:10 minor bugfix: Makefile fixes for correct packaging.
2.2.305 May 2019 15:45 minor bugfix: Fixed the issue when the rules file contain records count not equal to the files count.
2.2.204 May 2019 18:13 major feature: German man page has been added by Michael Vetter
2.2.101 May 2019 15:52 major feature: Man pages installation fixes.
2.2.030 Apr 2019 18:47 major feature: Man pages has been added, makefile fixed, etc.
2.1.002 Aug 2016 21:52 major feature: Command line parameters order has been changed. New function - rename files according their tags.
2.0.001 Aug 2016 18:41 major feature: The Extract option to extract tags from the files to the "rules"-file that can be used with other files.
1.0.025 Jul 2016 11:38 major feature: The initial 1.0.0 version.