MyQTT 0.6.4

MyQtt is an Open Source professional MQTT stack written in ANSI C, which supports v3.1.1 and v3.1, focused on providing support to create MQTT servers/brokers. MyQtt has a modular design that allows creating MQTT brokers/servers by using the API provided by libMyQtt (which in fact is composed by several libraries: libmyqtt, libmyqtt-tls, libmyqtt-websocket). It is also provided a ready to use MQTT broker called MyQttD which is built on top of libMyQtt. MyQttD server is extensible by adding C plugins. There is a Python interface to libMyQtt called PyMyQtt so it's possible to write fully functional MQTT brokers in Python.

Tags mqtt
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.6.418 Apr 2016 17:10 cleanup: New stable release including several updates to make MyQtt engine more resistant to connection failures found in the middle of send and relay operations.
0.6.313 Oct 2015 18:08 minor feature: First public stable release that includes support for the following components: - libMyQtt : C core library for all MQTT functions - libMyQtt-TLS : C library with support for TLS/SSL - libMyQtt-WebSocket : C library with support for WebSocket - PyMyQtt : Python API on top of libMyQtt, libMyQtt-TLS and libMyQtt-WebSocket that provides full python support for client and server side programming - MyQttD : ready to use MQTT server built on top of libMyQtt