Recent Releases

1.9.518 Feb 2024 17:16 cleanup: This is a maintenence release of NAS. There have been a few patches submitted over the years (since 2013 - the relase of NAS 1.9.4) fixing various compile issues and a buffer overflow in auphone. The shortlog is below. Anthony G. Basile (1): On a uClibc system, the macro definitions of abs() and fabs() cause the build to fail. Since these are specified by POSIX, it is safe to just drop their definition. This has been tested on uClibc, glibc and musl. Jon Trulson (7): Fix up some license issues. Remove mention of from doc/README Add a .gitignore file AuErrDes.c: fclose file on return, fixes bug #6 dia: fix up some compiler warnings auphone: use snprintf to avoid potential buffer overflow Petr Písař (2): Fix building with GCC 10 Unset LDFLAGS for config/configure Pino Toscano (1): Build the voxware server on Hurd