Nautilus Annotations 2.0.1

Long time ago GNOME Files (Nautilus) had the ability to handle custom annotations attached to files and directories. This ability has slowly gone lost in the folds of time. Things however are rarely really unlearned, and an ability rarely goes away for good. Nautilus Annotations brings back Nautilus' annotation capabilities. It exploits the same machinery that was used back then: that of relying on GIO to store custom information about a file or a directory.

Tags desktop file-manager file-metadata gio gnome gnu gnu-linux gtk gvfs gvfs-metadata markdown metadata nautilus nautilus-extension notes
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.0.123 Dec 2022 11:05 minor feature: (2022-12-23). Changes: Updated Dutch translation. Stylesheets. Documentation.
2.0.019 Dec 2022 03:18 major feature: (2022-12-19). Changes: The annotation window has got an emblem picker!. The path displayed in the window title is now ellipsized when longer than 99 characters. Code review.
1.0.011 Dec 2022 03:45 major feature: (2022-12-10). Changes: The extension can be considered stable enough; the version string has been updated to 1.0.0. Code review.
0.10.213 Nov 2022 12:05 minor feature: (2022-11-12). Changes: CSS themes have been updated. Documentation.
0.10.104 Nov 2022 03:19 minor feature: (2022-11-03). Changes: Emblems have been made more consistent with default themes. Code review.
0.10.031 Oct 2022 02:53 major feature: (2022-31-10). Changes: The extension has been ported to `libnautilus-extension-4` Emblems have been updated
0.9.007 Oct 2022 19:37 minor feature: (2022-10-07). Changes: The `notebook-double-margin` CSS theme, consisting in a symmetric version of the `notebook` theme, has been added to the repository. Code review.
0.8.421 Sep 2021 10:05 minor feature: (2021-09-21). Changes: Added Dutch translation. Code review.
0.8.314 Sep 2021 21:44 minor feature: (2021-09-14). Changes: Code review (CSS themes, extension's source code). Documentation.
0.8.203 Sep 2021 13:33 minor feature: (2021-09-03). Changes: The extension's menu entries have been prevented from appearing in context menus of locations that do not support annotations (e.g.: search mode). A typo has been fixed.
0.8.111 Jun 2021 15:25 minor feature: (2021-06-11). Changes: Code review. Package maintenance. Documentation.
0.8.027 May 2021 03:15 major feature: (2021-05-27). Changes: A selection of CSS themes has been created and the `notebook` theme has been. Chosen as the default theme It is now possible to override the system-wide CSS. (`/usr/share/nautilus-annotations/style.css`) by placing a CSS in the home. Directory (` /.local/share/nautilus-annotations/style.css`) -- the extension Checks in the home directory first, if no theme is found it falls back to the Default CSS Text wrap has been removed from the "Annotations" column -- the column. Appearance is something that should be managed upstream by Nautilus Use of `fprintf()` for message logging has been dropped in favor of GLib's. `g_message()`. Code review. A `with-theme=...` option has been added to the `configure` script for. Selecting a different CSS theme during the build process; with this comes a `--without-theme` option too, for relying solely on the current GTK theme and. Not using any extension-specific one Internationalization does not depend on XDG intltool anymore, but only on GNU gettext.
0.7.123 May 2021 03:15 minor feature: (2021-05-23). Changes: Non-scalable icon formats have been added to the package for faster rendering. Colored versions of the action icons and an emblem for Adwaita have been created.
0.7.018 May 2021 03:15 major feature: (2021-05-17). Changes: An "Annotations" column has been added to Nautilus' list view.
0.6.112 May 2021 23:11 minor feature: (2021-05-12). Changes: Showing and hiding the discard button is now handled gracefully -- the button's CSS class persists between state changes, and this prevents delays in the decoration of the widget. Code review. Documentation. A small in the build system that caused `make distcheck` not to function properly has been.
0.6.012 May 2021 03:15 major feature: (2021-05-10). Changes: Two new keyboard shortcuts have been created (`Ctrl` + `S` and `Shift` +. `Esc`). All keyboard shortcuts -- both inherited and extension-specific ones -- are now documented in `/usr/share/doc/nautilus-annotations/`. CSS class names have changed. Code review. Documentation.
0.5.008 May 2021 06:25 minor feature: (2021-05-08). Changes: The action button in the annotations window has been moved to the header bar. The file's path has become the window's subtitle. Code review. Documentation.
0.4.108 May 2021 03:15 minor feature: Changes: Annotations window's default width has become bigger. Tilde replacement in the window's title has been extended to other users' home directories (e.g., ` john/`, ` lisa/Videos`, etc.). Code review.
0.3.104 May 2021 17:02 minor feature: Icons, emblems and code review
0.3.003 May 2021 04:16 minor feature: * The annotation window has become transient for Nautilus * A CSS has been created for styling the extension's graphical interface (`/usr/share/nautilus-annotations/style.css`) * Documentation
0.1.001 May 2021 11:13 major feature: **Nautilus Annotations** has been published.