Nautilus Annotations 0.3.1

Long time ago GNOME Files (Nautilus) had the ability to handle custom annotations attached to files and directories. This ability has slowly gone lost among the folds of time. Things however are rarely really unlearned, and an ability rarely goes away for good. Nautilus Annotations brings back Nautilus' annotation capabilities. It exploits the same machinery that was used back then: that of relying on GIO to store custom information about a file or a directory.

Tags annotations c file-metadata gnome gio gvfs metadata nautilus nautilus-extension notes
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.3.104 May 2021 17:02 minor feature: Icons, emblems and code review
0.3.003 May 2021 04:16 minor feature: * The annotation window has become transient for Nautilus * A CSS has been created for styling the extension's graphical interface (`/usr/share/nautilus-annotations/style.css`) * Documentation
0.1.001 May 2021 11:13 major feature: **Nautilus Annotations** has been published.