netgraphp 1.0.1

Netgraphp is a php script which uses LLDP information to traverse SNMP servers in a network and produce a graphical map of different hosts and connections in the network. The graph is produced with the graphviz dot syntax and graphviz can be used to produce different file formats like .png or .eps. All connections to be identified must have LLDP support at both ends and SNMP support at least at one end. Most high end switches have built in support for SNMP and LLDP. Computer hosts need something like lldpd together with an SNMP server and the SNMP server need to provide the .1.0.8802. LLDP information.

Tags lldp snmp network graph php graphviz
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.0.107 Apr 2023 16:25 minor feature: Added support for Onyx switches
1.0.029 Aug 2020 18:49 minor bugfix: First stable release
0.9.0beta30 Jan 2017 21:20 major feature: First public release