OpenModelica 1.23.0

OPENMODELICA is an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment intended for industrial and academic usage. Its long-term development is supported by a non-profit organization – the Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC). An overview journal paper is available and slides about Modelica and OpenModelica. The goal with the OpenModelica effort is to create a comprehensive Open Source Modelica modeling, compilation and simulation environment based on free software distributed in binary and source code form for research, teaching, and industrial usage. We invite researchers and students, or any interested developer to participate in the project and cooperate around OpenModelica, tools, and applications.

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State stable

Recent Releases

1.23.021 May 2024 06:05 minor feature: lt;p gt;Version 1.23.0 of OpenModelica has many improvements and compared to 1.22.3, plus some new useful features, in particular regarding the OMEdit GUI and the FMI export feature. lt;/p gt;. lt;h2 gt;Proper rounding of decimal numbers lt;/h2 gt;. lt;p gt;Real parameter values returned by the front-end when flattening models often had bad rounding, such as lt;code gt;499.99999999999 lt;/code gt; instead of lt;code gt;500 lt;/code gt; or lt;code gt;1.00000000000012 lt;/code gt; instead of lt;code gt;1.0 lt;/code gt;. Also, bad rounding used to plague parameter values with unit conversions driven by lt;code gt;displayUnit lt;/code gt; attributes in the OMEdit GUI. In some cases, very long decimal outputs such as lt;code gt;1200000000.0 lt;/code gt; were displayed, instead of the more easily understood lt;code gt;1.2e9 lt;/code gt;. lt;/p gt;. lt;p gt;This was tackled systematically and resolved thanks to rounding algorithms based on the lt;a href="" gt;Ryu library lt;/a gt;, see lt;a class="-link js--link" data-error-text="Failed to load title" data-id="1214835378" data-permission-text="Title is private" data-url="" data-hovercard-type="" data-hovercard-url="/OpenModelica/OpenModelica//8865/hovercard" href="" gt;#8865 lt;/a gt; for a comprehensive list of all improvements. Now all Real values numbers that are expected to be represented as round decimal numbers are actually represented as such; additionally, decimal vs. scientific format is chosen according to heuristic rules, to ensure good readability by humans in all cases, without significant loss of precision. lt;/p gt;. lt;h2 gt;OpenModelica Compiler (OMC) lt;/h2 gt;. lt;p gt;The new front end has been further improved with about 25 solved, here is a lt;a href=" 3A+milestone 3A1.23.0+label 3ACOMP 2FOMC 2FFrontend+is 3A+" gt;
1.22.311 Mar 2024 12:50 minor bugfix: This patch release contains several fixes and improvements, mostly to the OMEdit GUI and the FMU export in Windows.