Open Tax Solver 17.06

OpenTaxSolver (OTS) is a free safe & secure application for calculating your US Federal and State income taxes. It has a graphical interface for easy entry of your information. OTS assists you in doing the otherwise tedious tax calculations, while showing the intermediate and final numbers. It can automatically fill-out your numbers onto the official government tax forms.

Tags taxes tax software tax deduction ots tax preparation free tax software
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

17.0602 Mar 2020 15:13 major feature: The updated version of Open Tax Solver (OTS) for the most recent Tax Year (2019) has been released and is available to download. As in prior years, the package covers the most popular US 1040 with the newer Schedules 1-3 along with Schedules A-D. All of the Federal Forms and Schedules are generated from the main US-1040 program. - except for Schedule-C, which is done as a separate program in the set. This year, a new feature was added that enables getting detailed instructions by clicking any line in the GUI. This year as well, the Health Savings Account (HSA) Form 8889 was added (under the Other category). The package also contains updated versions of State Taxes for California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts. Be sure to see our main page at for more information.
16.0631 Mar 2019 12:49 minor feature: Fixed GUI-bug that was introduced in last update, which could cause some line semi-colons, for newly added lines, to be misplaced in save-files. Fix to California Part II Adjustments, line 6b was not displaying on PDF form, and line 12a was over-written.
16.0523 Mar 2019 17:06 minor feature: Improved GUI display formatting, and save-file formatting. Fixed NJ-State lines 74 + 75, and PDF positioning of line 17. Fixed GUI issue when loading some State template(s), such as Virginia's, causing the GUI to not display spouse fields when importing from a joint Federal return.
16.0309 Mar 2019 16:57 minor feature: Added Sched-B Part-III lines to the US-1040. Added ability to add additional PDF mark-ups, or change them,from your Tax Input Files, by adding "MarkupPDF" lines which are documented under OTS's "Data Input Format" web page. Fixed NY State importing of Fed Sched-1 data, and warning message on line 17.
16.0203 Mar 2019 15:12 major feature: Updated for the most recent tax-year, 2018.
15.0712 Apr 2018 21:21 minor feature: Re-activated Line-34, "Tuition and Fees Deduction", which was originally removed from the 2017 Federal 1040 tax form, and then reinstated by Congress in the midst of this filing season. Everything else remains stable.
15.0602 Apr 2018 14:55 minor bugfix: This version just adjusts the Virginia State program for line-12 to force itemized deductions if you itemized on your Federal return, regardless if whether the Virginia Standard Deduction would have been greater - to match the language in the VA. Instruction Booklet. Everything else remains stable.
15.0524 Mar 2018 03:34 minor feature: Minor improvements to the PDF printouts for US-1040 and NJ State forms. General cleanup.
15.0418 Mar 2018 17:08 minor feature: Further automated California CA540 Adjustments form. Provides more complete form fill-out. In US-1040, now blanks unneeded zero entries, and properly resets "various" date in Cap-Gains form. Added optional ability to accept AMT Form 6251 entries for lines 8-27. (Just add entries like, "AMTws27 xx", before the "L49" line, where xx would be value for the AMT worksheet line 27.) Fixed State abbreviation in Virginia form.
15.0318 Feb 2018 15:35 minor bugfix: Version 15.03 fixes the Fed1040 collectible gains value from being used before the input line. Note that this causes a line change between lines 12 and 39a. If you already started a Form from the prior release, you need to adjust the position of the Collectibles line. Or, better to just copy your entries to the new form. Fixed missing fill-in of 1st SchedB Int+Divs, and comma issue in Sched-B PDF, as well as proper medical percentage in Sched-A line 3. Began addressing OH form size issues. More line-label improvements. Apartment + Middle initials now print on the PDF forms.
15.0208 Feb 2018 14:47 major feature: Updated for this year's Tax Season. (2017-Tax-year.) This year's version includes several improvements: - Better PDF generator. - More complete form-fillout. - Improved GUI prompts and streamlined operation. Includes updated US-1040, Schedules A, B, C, D, and State taxes for MA, CA, NJ, PA, NY, OH, NC, and VA.
14.0601 Apr 2017 19:09 minor bugfix: Fixed PDF Autofillout of Form 8949 Longterm checkmark for D/E. Fixed PDF Autofillout of NJ Line 29 metadata file.
14.0513 Mar 2017 22:15 minor bugfix: Fixed GUI display of Cap-Gains, broken by label change.
14.0403 Mar 2017 13:27 minor feature: Added California Schedule-CA "Adjustments" form to the auto-fillout. Minor GUI updates. All tax programs remained stable.
14.0325 Feb 2017 12:38 major feature: PDF Auto-Fillout capability was added for two more states: Massachusetts (MA) and North Carolina (NC). Now all State programs report tax-bracket and effective tax-rate for your information. In case of underpayment, now shows percent underpaid. PDF form fill-out now places commas in large dollar amounts, except where disallowed. Improved GUI file-browser to prevent common mistakes. Easier, more intuitive. Fixed NJ+NY PDF form fill-out. Otherwise, all tax calculations remained stable and unchanged from the last version.
14.0218 Feb 2017 07:08 minor feature: PDF Auto-Fillout capability was added for two more states: New York and New Jersey. There were some minor cleanups and improvements in form comments. The California auto-fillout now writes zeros in lines that require an entry even-if-zero. Otherwise, all tax calculations remained stable and unchanged from the last version.
14.0105 Feb 2017 22:48 major feature: Updated for most recent tax year (2016). Improved automatic form fill-out functions and PDF viewer selection. Added calculations for Social Security taxes. Added auto-fillout for Virginia state taxes.
13.0327 Mar 2016 11:39 minor feature: Fixed display of NJ State Tax Form lines 37 + 38. Added more checking for valid inputs in the GUI.
13.0219 Feb 2016 22:25 minor feature: Fixed California line 76. Unified runtime files for MS-Win platform. Added more XFDF fill-out templates. A quick overview movie was added to the web page. It shows what OTS does in 1-minute.
13.0114 Feb 2016 19:28 minor feature: This version adds CA and OH State Tax forms to PDF form fill-out, and improved buttons in the GUI window. This version also moves toward unified makefiles across all platforms. An introduction movie was added to the web page. It shows how-to install and use OTS.
13.0006 Feb 2016 06:39 major feature: The initial updated version of Open Tax Solver (OTS) for the 2015 Tax Year is posted for downloading. As in prior years, it contains programs for US 1040 with Schedules A, B, C, D, with AMT and cap-gains forms. It also has State Tax programs for several states. This year's release includes a new Auto-PDF-Fillout option to save you time by placing your numbers directly onto the actual government PDF tax-forms.
12.0228 Mar 2015 18:07 minor feature: Fixed line 374 (worksheet line-3) of California Taxes. Improved selection of PDF-Viewer in the Auto-Fillout versions. See webpage.
12.0108 Feb 2015 07:46 minor bugfix: In the GUI, an inadvertently activated button for PDF Auto-Fillout was deactivated. In the US 1040 program, the printout of last line number (Line 76) was fixed. In the old GUI, which is no longer really used, the years in file names were updated to 2014 (for what it is worth). A GUI invocation issue under Microsoft platforms was fixed.