opentrack 2023.2.0

opentrack is an application dedicated to tracking user's head movements and relaying the information to games and flight simulation software. opentrack allows for output shaping, filtering, and operating with many input and output devices and protocols; the codebase runs Microsoft Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux.

License Mixed
State stable

Recent Releases

2023.2.024 Aug 2023 23:09 major feature: fix crash on startup with very long environment PATH (issue #1661, reported by @wfurney13). video/opencv: apply bugfixes for Windows 11 and enable Media Foundation input. tracker/pt: improved color keying for overexposed pixels (issue #1665, by @tombrazier). tracker/eyeware-beam now has a 32-bit version (by @eyedav). tracker/aruco: enable 1080p resolution. filter/nm: new 'Natural Movement' filter (issue #1666, by @tombrazier). proto/simconnect: fix high CPU usage on FSX (issue #1670, by @tombrazier). filter/hamilton, filter/ewma: minor fixes (by @tombrazier, issues #1671 and #1667). proto/vjoystick: link to the fork with a working Windows 11 driver version (issue #1700, reported by @ackalker)
2023.1.006 Aug 2023 23:13 major feature: Compatibility This release build is only available as a 64-bit executable. This is because the SDK for the new tracker tracker/beam is temporarily only available as an amd64 binary. Only CPUs supporting AVX will be able to run it. Please provide feedback on compatibility and performance compared to older releases. Changes tracker/beam: new tracker for the by @eyedav (Davide Mameli) for the Eyeware Beam. tracker/neuralnet: tracking quality improved by @DaWelter (see 08f1fca for details). tracker/neuralnet: Russian translation by @Perlovka. video/ps3eye: experimentally enable retry of bulk data transfers for flaky USB controllers. tracker/realsense: downgrade to SDK 2016 R2. tracker/pt, tracker/aruco: fix tracking failing to start by not being able to select a camera when only one is available. proto/wine: improvements to Linux head tracking #1620 by @Priton-CE and #1616 by @fsimuser9430.