Pentobi 25.0

Pentobi is a computer opponent for the board game Blokus. It supports the game variants Classic, Duo, Trigon, Junior, Nexos, GembloQ and Callisto. Pentobi has different levels of playing strength, a game analysis function and can rate the playing strength of human players. Games can be saved and loaded in Smart Game Format including comments and move variations.

Tags c++ game board-game
License GNU GPLv3
State mature

Recent Releases

25.026 Apr 2024 18:08 major feature: Don't ask for continuing computer move anymore if computer is to play in current position after program startup. Don't support magic MIME type detection on Unix anymore, which was not reliable anyway and not working if installed via Flatpak. Workaround for QTBUG-119198 (Disabled menu item indistinguishable from enabled one). Compile QML sources into executable, which avoids problems of QML cache sometimes not being updated if installed via Flatpak. Fixed formatting of written game files. Improved visibility of analysis graph lines in theme System. Minor fixes.
24.022 Jan 2024 10:38 major feature: Removed rarely used menu item Export ASCII Art. Removed Unix man pages and Gnome thumbnailer, which did not work anyway if Pentobi was installed via Flatpak. Support opening certain invalid game files as written by the Android version of Pentobi 23.0 or earlier. Enable only menu item Save As but not Save if game has no filename yet.
23.112 Mar 2023 10:20 major bugfix: Overwriting game file on Android with shorter file created corrupted file.
23.006 Mar 2023 10:55 major feature: Made saving, loading and MIME type handling of game files wirk with Flatpak.
22.131 Jan 2023 11:23 minor bugfix: Fixed hanging game analysis on some platforms and unreadable menus in dark mode on KDE 5. Use Material style on Android. Other minor fixes. This release contains a new binary package for Android.
22.024 Jan 2023 10:55 major feature: Dropped support for Qt 5. Minor fixes.
21.017 May 2022 14:56 minor feature: New help viewer implementation to avoid the need for an external browser. Minor fixes.
20.021 Jan 2022 19:36 minor bugfix: Workarounds for bugs in Qt 5.15 that caused crashes and bugs in Qt 6.2 that caused wrong positioning of pieces. Install documentation to /usr/share/doc because snap versions of Firefox/Chromium have no permission to open files in /usr/share/help. Support for compiling Android app with Qt 6.
19.105 Dec 2021 19:17 minor bugfix: Fixed crash at exit in some situations.
19.016 Apr 2021 13:07 minor feature: Support compilation with Qt 6. Avoid need for external storage permission on Android to save and load game files. Support for landscape orientation on Android.
18.504 Mar 2021 09:26 minor feature: Fixed compilation with GCC 11. Complete Russian translation of the manual.
18.304 Nov 2020 10:07 minor feature: Made opening of recent rated games from rating dialog work again. New Russian UI translation. Minor fixes on Android.
18.210 Oct 2020 10:57 minor bugfix: Fixed truncated submenu in desktop version with Qt 5.15. Updated bugtracker link.
18.125 Jun 2020 06:44 minor bugfix: Fixed compilation with Qt 5.15.
18.011 May 2020 11:06 minor bugfix: Minor bugfixes. Experimental support for landscape orientation on mobile devices (not enabled on Android by default yet).
17.305 Nov 2019 09:51 minor bugfix: Don't use Fusion style on desktop anymore because it is currently broken on some Linux distributions.
17.216 Sep 2019 14:27 minor feature: New Spanish translation. Support for different analysis speeds on Android. Minor bugfixes.
17.116 Jun 2019 19:33 minor bugfix: Minor bugfix.
17.005 Jun 2019 11:27 major feature: Small increase in playing strength in Classic and Callisto. New Chinese UI translation. Minor fixes.
16.317 Apr 2019 15:08 minor feature: Minor bug fixes.
16.216 Jan 2019 10:55 minor feature: Minor bug fixes. Support for compilation on systems without support for Qt5WebView.
16.116 Oct 2018 07:49 major feature: The desktop user interface in Pentobi version 16 is now based on QtQuick like the Android version with fluid piece animations. New additional color themes optimized for colorblindness.
15.028 Jun 2018 09:45 major feature: New UI translations French, Norsk bokmål. Minor bugfixes.
14.103 Jan 2018 10:31 minor bugfix: Minor bugfixes.
14.026 Oct 2017 11:37 major feature: Increased playing strength in almost all game variants. Duo now uses the colors purple/orange.
13.106 Jun 2017 11:41 minor bugfix: Minor bug fixes.
13.017 Mar 2017 12:37 major feature: New game variant GembloQ and subvariant Callisto 2-player/4-color. The Android version now supports more features of the desktop version.
12.205 Jan 2017 14:19 minor bugfix: Fixes a bug that made the Android version hardly usable on smartphones with very high DPI displays. Some minor bugfixes for the desktop version.
12.130 Nov 2016 07:13 minor bugfix: Minor bugfixes.
12.010 Apr 2016 11:37 major feature: New game variant Callisto.
11.029 Dec 2015 08:55 major feature: New game variant Nexos.
10.115 Oct 2015 10:44 minor bugfix: New toolbar button for Undo Move. Fixes and optimizations for the Android version.
10.001 Jul 2015 17:07 major feature: Increased playing strength and more opening variety in Trigon. Better support for high resolution displays. Minor bug fixes.
9.010 Dec 2014 11:52 major feature: Newly supported game variant Classic for three players, in which the players take turns playing the fourth color. Increased playing strength, mainly in Trigon. Several minor fixes and improvements. Experimental support for Android.
8.205 Sep 2014 19:18 minor bugfix: Fixed remaining link errors on some platforms (Debian bug #759852)
8.131 Aug 2014 08:13 minor feature: Fixed link error on some platforms if Pentobi is compiled with PENTOBI_BUILD_TESTS (Debian bug #759852). Slightly improved some icons and use icons from theme for more menu items
8.029 Jul 2014 19:49 minor feature: