Recent Releases

1.1.110 Jan 2024 03:42 minor feature: Allowing KML output to be reencoded as UTF-8 to work with * This requires a new variable db_encoding = "ISO-8859-1"; in settings.php!
1.1.027 May 2023 18:27 minor bugfix: Some fixes for the mysqli backend. Support for php version 8.2. Changed license to GNU Affero General Public License. Removed obsolete map links hitta and multimap. Added new map link bing.
1.0.525 Jul 2017 17:12 minor bugfix: Avoiding warnings if E_STRICT is set. Added experimental mysqli backend using the improved mysql interface from php.
1.0.405 Jan 2015 17:13 minor bugfix: Fixed cosmetic bug when contributing poi on a web page displaying pois from more than one database. Fixed address field to be textarea when editing unapproved pois.
1.0.324 Jul 2014 23:19 minor feature: Added support for configuration parameter mysql_table_prefix which allows different configurations to share the same mysql database.