PIM-DM 2.1.0

pimdd is a stand-alone PIM-DM multicast routing daemon available under the BSD license. This is the restored original from University of Oregon, by Kurt Windisch. pimdd is a PIM Dense Mode (PIM-DM) implementation based on pimd, which is the PIM Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) reference implementation, by Ahmed Helmy, Rusty Eddy and Pavlin Ivanov Radoslavov. PIM-DM is a significantly less complex protocol than PIM-SM. PIM-DM works on the principle that it is probable that any given multicast stream will have at least one downstream listener. PIM-DM is ideal where many hosts subscribe to receive multicast packets, so most of the PIM Routers receive and forward all multicast packets.

Tags c networking routing multicast
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1.012 Sep 2021 15:30 major feature: First release in over 20 years! Tested on Linux and FreeBSD. Ships with the pimctl tool, which also works with the PIM-SM cousin pimd. Please see the ChangeLog file for details.