Pinner 0.1.2

A Geany plugin designed to enhance document management by allowing users to pin documents to a sidebar tab. This feature is particularly useful for users working with many multiple open documents, as it enables them to add selected filenames to a list for easy access. Users can then simply click on a filename in the list to switch to that document.

Tags geany plugin ide
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.1.229 Feb 2024 07:30 minor bugfix: * Fix install path in * Expand documentation
0.1.119 Feb 2024 00:12 minor bugfix: * Briefly highlight when a pinned item is clicked on * Fix crash when an attempt to pin or unpin an 'untitled' document is made (See Geany PR 3770 ( for details)
0.1.018 Feb 2024 15:47 minor feature: