Recent Releases

0.913 Dec 2015 15:45 minor feature: Psr-2, add codeclimate conf. Stopif should be stopIf. Add Scrutinizer CI badge. Add support for generators to MapTrait. Merge branch 'master' of Add support for class methods returning a generator.
0.813 Oct 2015 06:45 minor feature: Phpdoc @return on InfiniteTrait. Replace gy MapIterator with a simple generator. Remove unused methods. Remove append() from readme.
0.707 Oct 2015 03:45 minor feature: Refactor tests, PSR-2. Refactor tests. Try to refactor a bit. Dirtiest commit ever. MapIterator callback. Docs. Limit trait when using IteratorIterator. PSR-2. Start refactoring tests. Add cruft :(. Ignore playground directory. Broken travis build. Make each friendlier. Add sleep trait. Add infinite trait. Add tests for infinite trait. Remove PHP 5.4 support. Easen the sleep test a little bit. Improve test coverage, remove cruft. go for 100 !. Add StopIfTrait, update Psr-2, go back to 100 coverage. Improve
0.623 May 2015 22:25 minor feature: Added toIterator() for your type hinting needs :)
0.316 Nov 2014 22:45 minor bugfix: Fix e_strict warnings.