Praat 6.4.05

Praat is a speech analysis tool used for doing phonetics by computer. Praat can analyse, synthesize, and manipulate speech, and create high-quality pictures for your publications. Praat was created by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the Institute of Phonetics Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. Some of Praat’s most prominent features are: Speech analysis Speech synthesis Speech labelling Grammar models Statistical analysis

Tags speech analysis
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

6.4.0528 Jan 2024 03:15 minor documentation: Many typos in manual.
6.4.0409 Jan 2024 03:15 minor documentation: Typo in example script in manual. ARM64 edition for Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 and up). ARM64 edition for Chromebook (Ubuntu 20.04 and up).
6.4.0305 Jan 2024 08:05 minor bugfix: ARM64 edition for Linux. ARM64 edition for Windows.
6.4.0231 Dec 2023 12:05 minor bugfix: Saving sounds as MP3 files.
6.4.0102 Dec 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Removed some visible percent signs before variable names from the scripting tutorial. SoundEditor/TextGridEditor logging: when logging 'f0', Praat now correctly reports values in Hz (rather than logarithms) if Unit is set to Hertz (logarithmic) . This had existed since Praat version 4.3.16 (June 2005).  SoundEditor/TextGridEditor scripting compatibility: made old versions of Pitch settings... . And Advanced pitch settings... available to scripts again, made the old denominations autocorrelation and cross-correlation (as pitch analysis methods) available to scripts again. And made obsolete versions of pitch analysis settings (such as Pitch silence threshold ) Available again, now under the COMPATIBILITY section of the output of Editor info . This will allow older editor scripts to continue to run without change.
6.416 Nov 2023 03:15 minor feature: New pitch analysis methods: @@Sound: To Pitch (filtered ac)...@ and. @@Sound: To Pitch (filtered cc)...@. @@Sound: To Pitch (filtered ac)...@ has become the preferred method for. Measuring vocal-fold vibration and intonation (@@Sound: To Pitch (raw cc)...@ is still the preferred method for voice analysis). See @@How to choose a pitch analysis method@.
6.3.2025 Oct 2023 06:45 minor bugfix: SpeechSynthesizer and automatic alignment in TextGridEditor: worked around a introduced in 6.3.18 that caused incorrect rendering of phonemes consisting of four UTF-8 bytes (such as /ɔː/). SpeechSynthesizer and automatic alignment in TextGridEditor: worked around a very. Old that deleted word-final /l/ in Dutch and English.
6.3.1921 Oct 2023 07:05 minor bugfix: MacOS: resolved a crash when Praat started up on macOS 12 or older. (worked around a in the Xcode linker that comes with macOS 14 Sonoma).
6.3.1819 Sep 2023 03:15 minor feature: @SpeechSynthesizer: included the new version of eSpeak (development 1.52), which has 133 languages. @@Add to menu...@: you can now add separators, headers and indented submenus to menus in editor windows.
6.3.1711 Sep 2023 03:15 minor feature: SoundEditor: three Paste options, namely ##Paste before selection# (Shift-Command-V). ##Paste over selection# (Option-Command-V), and the already existing ##Paste after selection#. (now Command-V). All editor windows: extended the old single-level Undo and Redo to a ten-level Undo and Redo. Scripting: the new @`runSystem ` and @`runSubprocess ` return the output of the system command or subprocess. Scripting: @`runSystem`, @`runSystem `, @`runSubprocess` and @`runSubprocess `. Report any error messages generated by the system command or subprocess. PointEditor (pulses): settable ##Period floor#, ##Period ceiling#. ##Maximum period factor# and ##Maximum amplitude factor#, for jitter and shimmer measurements.
6.3.1630 Aug 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Sound analysis areas: better visible contrast in intensity curve (green on lime). Windows: repaired a introduced in 6.3.10 (as a result of the repair mentioned there) by which the Demo window would be insensitive to arrow keys. SpeechSynthesizer: repaired a that caused ##Get phonemes from text...# to return empty text. Repaired a that caused Praat to crash when you supplied 0. For the channel number in @@Sound: Get nearest zero crossing...@.
6.3.1524 Aug 2023 07:25 minor bugfix: SpeechSynthesizer: improvements in ##Get phonemes from text...#. Scripting: @`part#`, @`part##`, @`selected #`.
6.3.1405 Aug 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Repaired a that occurred when saving a @FormantPath to disk.
6.3.1301 Aug 2023 06:05 minor bugfix: Repaired a introduced in 6.3.12 by which a link to a file wasn t found in external manual pages.
6.3.1226 Jul 2023 16:46 minor feature: Improvements in manual, including corrections on layout problems introduced in version 6.3.11.