PUMA's Unit Converter 1.4

The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal units for medical informatics. It is compatible with and was developed for Lazarus and Free Pascal. The units are also partially compatible with other Pascal dialects, including Delphi and Embarcadero RAD Studio. PUMA's Unit Converter is a Pascal unit that provides functions for parsing measurements (e.g. from biochemical experiments or clinical laboratory experiments) consisting of numeric values and units of measurement. It also supports functions converting measurements from one unit to another one.

Tags pascal free-pascal object units medical measurement uom lazarus delphi medical-science library object-pascal fpc clinical-chemistry scie
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.407 Dec 2016 20:11 minor feature: The new version supports additional unit prefixes. In addition, various bugs have been fixed.