Recent Releases

0.7.023 Apr 2024 23:25 major feature: Prepping next release candidate (aka. v1.0.0-rc2) (Qt = 6.7). Whether to show the System-tray informational and/or active Patchbay warning messages, respectively on and/or Quit, is now optional (cf. Help Enable System Tray Message and/or Help Enable Patchbay Message, resp.) (EXPERIMENTAL). Introducing the View/Thumbview option as a whole graph thumbnail overview helper. (EXPERIMENTAL).
0.6.331 Mar 2024 07:45 minor bugfix: Node and port title ellipsis shortning trimmed and simplified. System-tray icon to a 32x32 pixmap. Renamed ports positioned incorrectly after relaunch.
0.6.225 Jan 2024 20:47 minor feature: Make the main canvas background to mid-gray, when on non-dark color themes. Updated copyright headers into the New Year (2024).