qradiolink 0.8.11-1

QRadioLink is a Linux software defined radio transceiver application using VOIP for inter-communication, built on top of GNU radio, which allows experimenting with software defined radio hardware using different digital and analog radio signals and a friendly user interface. Its primary purpose is educational, but it can also be customized for low power data communications on various frequency bands. It can also be used as an amateur radio SDR transceiver for demonstrating radio communications to students. The application was originally inspired from the Codec2 GMSK modem project by Kristoff Bonne.

Tags communication radio
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.8.11-104 Sep 2023 06:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.11-1 carrier drops at start of transmissions when streaming UDP or VOIP packets. Faster synchronization at the start of digital transmissions. Added 500 msec of history to the constellation display if FFT history is enabled. UDP and VOIP network packets drive the timing of the transmit flowgraph. AGC labels partly obscured in controls menu bar.
0.8.10-119 Aug 2023 03:17 minor feature: Release 0.8.10-1 Added UDP audio streaming mode, for both transmit and receive. Interoperability with SVXlink via UDP audio. M17 protocol improvements: decode and encode channel access numbers. added special TX destinations (ECHO, UNLINK, BROADCAST, callsign). with TX remaining stuck in simplex mode when VOIP forwarding is on. with some CLI commands not interpreted correctly. Adjustment of FM RX and TX flowgraphs. CTCSS tones in FM modes are not filtered if CTCSS is disabled, and are. passed to external applications.
0.8.9-120 Mar 2023 07:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.9-1 Reduced sample rate for MMDVM modes to 240k (better efficiency). LimeSDR calibration (MMDVM multicarrier). Changed communication method to MMDVM-SDR (requires version 1.0 of MMDVM-SDR). Added setting for burst delay in milliseconds (MMDVM modes). Improced reliability in MMDVM multicarrier mode. other with MMDVM modes (DMR slot overruns and underruns). LimeRFE duplex mode not set correctly at startup. single core CPU usage increase to maximum after some hours in MMDVM modes. M17 callsign decoding. Added clarifier frequency offset display. Some other minor.
0.8.8-113 Nov 2022 03:17 minor feature: Release 0.8.8-1 Automatically scan for SoapySDR and LimeSDR devices. GNU Radio flowgraphs for M17 modulator and demodulator. with ZeroMQ dropping samples in MMDVM and MMDVM-multi modes.
0.8.7-110 Sep 2022 03:17 minor feature: Release 0.8.7-1: Added MMDVM mode with TDMA support (DMR, YSF, D-Star, M17) compatible with LimeSDR. Added MMDVM multi-carrier mode usable with LimeSDR. with frequency tuning in remote control interface via telnet. Improved CLI only operation.
0.8.6-229 Nov 2021 07:05 minor feature: Release 0.8.6-2 : LimeRFE does not support Duplex for ham bands below 144 MHz. : displayed mode of memory channel reversed between RX and TX. : rx frequency truncated if regional settings are not set to English. LimeRFE: Both WIDEBAND_1000 and WIDEBAND_4000 support duplex mode with J4. Add support for LimeRFE attenuator and notch filter.
0.8.5-229 Dec 2020 17:05 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-2 Replaced some artwork not compatible with GPL3. Added coloured FFT display option. callsign display in Mumble.
0.8.5-121 Dec 2020 15:05 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-1 some graphical in Gnome and LXDE. Added full screen shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+F in KDE). PTT shortcut (Space) triggering twice. Reduced minimum AGC attack time.
0.8.5-rc514 Dec 2020 06:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-rc5 Added FreeDV mode 700D. Added AGC dials to main menu and improved AGC range. crashes in Gstreamer backend for video mode. crash when switching memory channels while transmitting.
0.8.5-rc407 Dec 2020 06:25 minor feature: Added AGC for AM mode, some in SSB AGC. Improved SSB sideband filter rejection. Improved AM mode low frequency audio response. visual display in the new dials. Enable transmitting at all supported sample rates. Added Continuous Envelope SSB transmitter code by Ron W6RZ. Video mode now uses Gstreamer and Qt backend instead of V4L2. Video mode now also has sound encoded with the Opus codec. FFT reference levels are now saved to config file and survive restarts. CTCSS transmit tone level has been increased to 15 of FM deviation.
0.8.5-rc329 Oct 2020 10:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-rc3 GNU radio panic in some FSK demodulators. visual display of some dials which were inverted. Hopefully more resilient IP modem burst mode.
0.8.5-rc224 Oct 2020 03:16 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-rc2 Upgraded to GNU radio 3.8 and Qt 5.14. some memory leaks and. Minor UI style changes.
0.8.5-rc118 Oct 2020 03:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.5-rc1 Upgraded to GNU radio 3.8 and Qt 5.14.
0.8.3-510 Sep 2020 21:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.3-5 Re-enable AppImage build. too low modulation index in 4FSK modem. Enable changing radio channels from telnet and Mumble.
0.8.3-414 Aug 2020 14:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.3-4 Broken stylesheet for night mode. Reversed FM pre-emphasis and de-emphasis.
0.8.3-309 Aug 2020 16:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.3-3 in remote command interface. User paging. Improved IP burst synchronization.
0.8.3-102 Aug 2020 11:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.3-1 Improvements to SSB and FM transceivers. Proper FM pre-emphasis and de-emphasis. Individual RX and TX gain stages can be controlled individually. 4FSK IP modem with 96 kbit/s speed. Some, notably video timeout in low light.
0.8.3-alpha206 Dec 2019 03:16 minor feature: Test release for QA User interface changes. .
0.8.3-alpha102 Dec 2019 17:05 minor feature: Test release for QA Improvements to text messages transmission. Improvements to audio playback. Inprovements to VOIP packet transmission for large latency network. RRC filtered 4FSK modes with rate 1/2 FEC (WIP). The usual.
0.8.2-321 Nov 2019 12:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.2-3 Minor. Audio recording. Tune reverse repeater shift. Configurable VOIP bitrate. Configurable VOX level. Configurable end beep.
0.8.2-231 Oct 2019 09:45 minor feature: Release 0.8.2-2 Included AppImage based on Debian Buster.
0.8.2-126 Oct 2019 11:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.2 CTCSS not being transmitted. broken IP modem. in relay controller. Faster memory scan by not changing modes and CTCSS if unnecessary. Skip memory channel scan setting. Update GUI when changing channels during scan. Added 2FSK mode with Codec2 700C, all 2FSK modes now have RRC filtering. Added IP modem burst mode setting to GUI. Increased resilience of DQPSK modes. Re-enabled logging facility. Audio mixing. Remote control via network. Remote control via Mumble private text messages. Run headless (no graphical user interface) for terminal usage on. embedded platforms like the Raspberry Pi or similar boards without any screen. Mixed mode repeater (e.g. FM to Codec2 and viceversa, or FM to Opus. and viceversa or any combination of voice modes).
0.8.2-rc522 Oct 2019 19:05 minor feature: Release 0.8.2-rc5 Broken IP modem. a number of.
0.8.2-rc418 Oct 2019 07:45 minor feature: Logging to file / console . UI : minimizing window leaves FFT, constellation and RSSI disa . . Remove unused files. . README update. . Merge branch 'next'. . Release 0.8.2-rc4.
0.8.1-1114 Oct 2019 14:45 minor feature: Configurable TX filter widths for FM, SSB, AM. Memory channels now store more settings (TX gain, RX gain, squelch, volume, CTCSS etc.).
0.8.1-911 Oct 2019 00:25 minor feature: Increase FM deviation to +/- 6 kHz. S-meter calibration code. Relay control is optional and configurable now. AM, FM, SSB modulation improvement with compressor on.
0.8.1-406 Oct 2019 21:45 minor feature: Test release for Debian 0.8.1-4 Use Qt5 audio backend (Alsa, Pulse, Jack etc.). Mumble client compatibility.
0.8.0-302 Oct 2019 08:05 minor feature: Release 0.8.0-3 a number of long standing. FreeDV 800XA. Channel memories.
0.8.0-228 Sep 2019 11:25 minor feature: Release 0.8.0-2 some found in the release candidates. Added FreeDV 1600 and FreeDV 700C digital modes. Performance inprovements to the FFT code. Update to GNU radio 3.7.13 and Qt 5.13. Base release for Debian Buster.
0.8.024 Sep 2019 03:15 minor feature: Release 0.8.0 some found in the release candidates. Added FreeDV 1600 and FreeDV 700C digital modes. Performance inprovements to the FFT code. Update to GNU radio 3.7.13 and Qt 5.13. Base release for Debian Buster.
0.8.0-rc319 Sep 2019 03:15 minor feature: Release 0.8.0-rc3 some found in 0.8.0-rc2. Added missing button for duplex operation. segfaults in libspeexdsp. VOX and VOIP forwarding use a different mechanism now. Audio compressor re-enabled.
0.8.0-rc115 Sep 2019 03:15 minor feature: User interface redesign, added plotter from Gqrx and analog S-meter display. Ported to Qt5. Supports now sample rates from 1 Msps to 30 Msps. SSB transmit AGC overdriving and clipping. low performance with PSK modes. Improvements to radio over IP forwarding. Configurable FFT sizes up to 1048576. Display FPS configurable from 5 FPS to 50 FPS. Options to improve CPU performance (toggle on/off FFT and constellation).
0.5.231 Aug 2019 05:20 minor feature: https://github.com/kantooon/qradiolink/releases/tag/0.5.2