Recent Releases

1.808 Oct 2023 16:11 minor bugfix: fixed localization support; improved cmake build; fixed parallel build using qmake; updated Turkish and French translations
1.728 Feb 2023 18:45 minor bugfix: added keywords entry to desktop file; changed minimal Qt version to 5.15 for cmake build system; fixed build using qmake.
1.626 Feb 2023 17:02 minor feature: XDG desktop portal dialogs; qt6ct compatibility; improved icon loader; only prepend our stylesheet if it has changed; changed minimal required Qt version from 5.4 to 5.9; fixed compatibility with applications that use own stylesheet; updated 11 translations.
1.501 Oct 2021 18:25 minor bugfix: fixed build regression
1.401 Oct 2021 16:40 major bugfix: added troubleshooting settings; updated translations
1.301 Aug 2021 09:16 major bugfix: fixed cmake support; prepend custom stylesheets to the application stylesheet; updated Catalan translation; updated French translation.
1.220 Apr 2021 19:40 major bugfix: fixed color schemes; added cmake support; updated translations
1.120 Jul 2020 16:23 major bugfix: fixed issue with custom icon themes; updated Danish translation
1.010 Jun 2020 15:32 major bugfix: Ia Ora color scheme; disabled debug messages by default; fixed Qt 5.15 palette; fixed crash on certain applications under Qt 5.15.
0.4104 Sep 2019 20:02 major bugfix: fixed crash
0.4031 Aug 2019 17:48 minor feature: icon theme loading optimization, fixed wayland support, replaced deprecated code, updated translation
0.3904 May 2019 11:16 minor feature: feature to hide shortcuts in context menus; fixed issue with cutebrowser; fixed global config support; updated transations
0.3821 Mar 2019 19:04 minor feature: keyboard scheme; system-wide configuration support; updated translations
0.3719 Dec 2018 15:51 minor feature: Qt 5.12 support; alpha channel for color themes; added environment variables support for paths in the qt5ct.conf; mime-type based icons in the file dialog; fixed icon theme parsing; replaced deprecated code; updated translations
0.3622 Aug 2018 17:18 minor feature: feature to start qt5ct application without QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable; Catalan translation; fixed build without QtDBus module; fixed some bugs; updated translations
0.3508 Mar 2018 13:27 minor feature: feature to disable shortcut underlines; improved XDG support; fixed Qt 5.5 support; updated translations.
0.3404 Nov 2017 18:43 minor feature: feature to disable shortcut underlines; improved XDG support; fixed Qt 5.5 support; updated translations.
0.3329 May 2017 19:02 minor feature: fixed build without dbus support; fixed Qt 5.6 support; updated Hebrew translation
0.3214 May 2017 10:55 minor feature: added global menu support; updated translations
0.3128 Mar 2017 10:23 minor feature: added options "Toolbar button style" and "Mouse wheel scroll lines"; added test for minimal Qt version; fixed Qt 5.4 support; added Arabic translation; updated translations.
0.3004 Feb 2017 12:58 minor feature: fixed crash on nonexistent style in qt5ct.conf; fixed issue with KDE color themes; updated translations.
0.2925 Jan 2017 05:21 minor feature: fixed installation path; updated Greek translation.
0.2824 Jan 2017 17:32 minor feature: Qt 5.8 support; updated translations.
0.2720 Sep 2016 06:21 minor feature: D-Bus tray support; feature to disable debug output.
0.2605 Sep 2016 06:46 minor feature: fixed issue with stellarium; updated translations.
0.2510 Aug 2016 13:03 minor feature: environment variables verification, French translation.
0.2402 Jun 2016 05:23 minor feature: added feature to preview color scheme on edit; added icons for some actions; fixed palette editor; fixed documentation fixed infinite recursion in the icon theme parser; updated Greek translation.
0.2326 Apr 2016 07:07 minor feature: added support for single line comments in the style sheets; fixed issue with overriding application palette; updated Bulgarian translation.
0.2206 Mar 2016 09:47 minor feature: disabled html mode in the qss editor; fixed issue with overriding stylesheets; added Hebrew translation; updated Italian translation.
0.2108 Jan 2016 20:20 minor feature: added option "Activate item on signle-click"; updated translations.
0.2018 Oct 2015 09:53 minor feature: fixed widget spacing; fixed typo; updated Bulgarian and Italian translations
0.1924 Sep 2015 11:14 minor feature: added feature to save geometry of the style sheet editor; fixed desktop file; updated translations
0.1821 Sep 2015 12:15 minor feature: added color schemes support; updated translations
0.1715 Sep 2015 07:33 minor feature: fixed crash in qupzilla; updated Greek translation
0.1612 Sep 2015 20:22 minor feature: added feature to save palette editor geometry; changed palette editor layout; updated Chinese Simplified translation
0.1505 Sep 2015 19:39 minor feature: fixed problem with qtcurve style; updated Czech translation
0.1404 Sep 2015 12:11 minor feature: added options "Dialog buttons have icons" and "Menus have icons"; fixed style and palette initialization; updated translations.
0.1322 Aug 2015 16:04 minor feature: added XDG_DATA_HOME support; added Italian translation
0.1221 May 2015 16:04 minor feature: aadded Chinese Simplified translation fixed infinite loop in the icon theme parser
0.1112 May 2015 18:22 minor feature: added Polish translation removed private headers usage improved build scripts fixed settings updating issue fixed font setting fixed fonts.conf generation fixed segmentation fault on "widget-less" applications updated German translation
0.1029 Mar 2015 09:06 minor feature: added more debug messages; added Greek translation; moved home page to; fixed qss path.
0.909 Mar 2015 11:27 minor feature: user friendly color roles; feature to disable qss support; updated translations.
0.809 Feb 2015 12:29 minor feature: improved icon theme parsing; added Bulgarian translation; fixed plugin metadata; fixed font updating issue; fixed Russian translation.
0.707 Feb 2015 16:32 minor feature: added feature to rename style sheet; added context menu to the style sheet list; added feature to apply theme for running applications; added Chinese (Taiwan) translation; added Czech translation; added German translation; updated Russian translation.
0.617 Jan 2015 12:20 minor feature: added style sheet settings; added transifex integration; updated Russian translation
0.527 Dec 2014 05:35 minor feature: added dialog buttons layout setting; added feature to change install prefix
0.422 Dec 2014 08:30 minor feature: added font config generation, fixed some bugs
0.311 Dec 2014 12:55 minor feature: added gui settings