Recent Releases

0.926 Sep 2023 17:40 minor bugfix: added Qt 6.6 compatibility; improved cmake support; fixed crash on QML applications and other issues; updated translations.
0.812 Mar 2023 12:36 minor bugfix: added keywords entry to desktop file; fixed compatibility with applications that use own stylesheet; fixed font applying issue; updated Japanese translation
0.729 Oct 2022 17:48 minor bugfix: fixed crash when loading default font; changed font configuration format; improved icon loader; updated Czech translation.
0.630 Sep 2022 13:32 minor feature: Qt 6.4 support; Qt version checking; xdgdesktopportal dialogs support; improved warning about incorrect environment variable; stylesheet optimization; updated translations
0.501 Oct 2021 16:21 minor feature: added troubleshooting settings; fixed issue with custom palette; updated 4 translations
0.428 Jul 2021 16:15 minor feature: fixed cmake support; fixed build with Qt 6.1 using cmake ;prepend custom stylesheets to the application stylesheet
0.312 Apr 2021 19:39 minor feature: added cmake support (experimental); fixed color schemes; fixed palette updating; updated Finish translation; updated German translation
0.228 Oct 2020 16:38 minor feature: fixed Qt 6.0 Beta2 support; updated Danish translation
0.106 Oct 2020 19:10 minor feature: