Recent Releases

1.1.423 Jun 2022 12:27 minor bugfix: Added necessary close icon in embedded files window
1.1.211 Nov 2021 16:38 minor bugfix: Now supporting Drag Drop
1.1.124 Sep 2021 16:31 minor bugfix: The window for the example files can now be closed again and plain pdf no longer show a button for visualization
1.1.020 Sep 2021 16:06 major feature: Thanks to Symtrax this release adds a english and a french invoice template (which was previously only german) and translation to the german, english and french languages in the UI. Vue.js is now used within the application, support for the XRechnung reference profile of Factur-X/ZUGFeRD has been added and fundamental support for Peppol BIS 3.0 UBL-invoices has been tested.
1.0.023 Aug 2021 11:56 major feature: Improved support for Factur-X/ZUGFeRD: XML presentation now open in the same tab, support for cash discounts in XML (UN/CEFACT/CII respectively FX/ZF Extended)
0.5.027 Jul 2021 11:22 major feature: Support for PDF invoices and initial support for Factur-X/ZUGFeRD.
0.2.010 Jun 2021 18:08 minor feature: Support for UBL invoices, tabbed view, print feature, synchronous release of Linux, Mac and Windows version
0.1.031 Mar 2021 11:46 minor feature: Support for UN/CEFACT CII xml invoices