Recent Releases

0.9.1223 Jan 2024 16:45 minor feature: Introducing cross-platform support via RtMidi. Updated copyright headers into the New Year (2024).
0.9.1108 Sep 2023 04:25 minor bugfix: Preppings to next development cycle (Qt = 6.6).
0.9.1030 May 2023 07:05 minor bugfix: Micro-adjustments to the View Options... dialog layout. Prepping into the next development cycle (with Qt = 6.5).
0.9.922 Mar 2023 16:05 minor bugfix: Drum Setup is being made possible for any drum-kit, with some. Provided default values, not just for the default Standard Kit Anymore.
0.9.803 Oct 2022 03:17 minor bugfix: Add current system user-name to the singleton/unique application. Instance identifier. The styles plug-ins path resolution on self-container(ized). Formats eg. AppImage and possibly Flatpak.
0.9.601 Apr 2022 12:45 minor feature: Added missing file code to desktop exec entry. Main application icon is now presented in scalable format (SVG). Migrated command line parsing to QCommandLineParser/Option. (Qt = 5.2).
0.9.507 Jan 2022 06:45 minor bugfix: Dropped autotools (autoconf, automake, etc.) build system.
0.9.403 Jul 2021 12:05 minor bugfix: All builds default to Qt6 (Qt = 6.1) where available. CMake is now the official build system.
0.9.311 May 2021 06:25 minor bugfix: All packaging builds switching to CMake.
0.9.214 Mar 2021 21:45 minor bugfix: Bumped version micro/dot number into the next develop cycle.
0.9.106 Feb 2021 03:45 minor bugfix: Chorus and Variation effect types, when loading from a raw SysEx file (.syx). Early preparations for the New Year develop(ment) cycle.
0.9.017 Dec 2020 22:45 major bugfix: Early ing to build for Qt = 6.0.0 and comply. With C++17 standard.
0.6.329 Jul 2020 20:45 minor bugfix: Early ing to build for Qt = 5.15.0.
0.6.225 Mar 2020 20:45 minor feature: A scalable (.svg) icon version has been added. Make man page compression reproducible (after request by Jelle van der Waa, while on the Vee-Ones, thanks). Bumped copyright headers into the New Year (2020).
0.6.123 Dec 2019 21:45 minor feature: Custom color (palette) theme editor introduced; color. (palette) theme changes are now effective immediately. Except on default. Second attempt to the yet non-official though CMake build configuration. When using autotools and./configure --with-qt=..., it is also necessary to adjust the PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Environment variable (after a merge request by plcl Aka. Pedro Lรณpez-Cabanillas, while on qmidinet, Thanks).
0.6.017 Oct 2019 21:05 major bugfix: Added alternate yet non-official CMake build option. HiDPI display screen effective support (Qt = 5.6). Refactored all singleton/unique application instance setup logic away from X11/Xcb hackery. Make sure compiler flags comply to c++11 as standard.
0.5.514 Jul 2019 03:25 minor bugfix: Updated for the newer Qt5 development tools ( = 5.13). Configure updated to check for qtchooser availability. Corrected display of note names on the lowest octave, as from "C -1" (0) through "B -1" (11). Minor update to Debian packaging control file.
0.5.413 Mar 2019 01:05 minor bugfix: HiDPI display screen support (Qt = 5.6). Old deprecated Qt4 build support is no more. AppStream metadata updated to be the most compliant with latest specification and recommendation.
0.5.222 Jul 2018 13:05 minor bugfix: AppData/AppStream metadata is now settled under an all permisssive license (FSFAP). Corrected default handling of MULTIPART Main Control Volume and also MULTIPART Control Pitch Bend LFO. for some g++ = 8.1.1 warnings and quietness.
0.5.121 May 2018 17:45 minor bugfix: Corrected wrong handling of the MULTIPART Detune parameter. Trying to get CC14 MSB+LSB (course+fine) running status on, no matter whether each pairing event are under 200ms apart. A little hardening on the configure (autoconf) macro side.
0.5.017 Dec 2017 19:25 major bugfix: Desktop entry specification file is now finally independent. From build/configure template chains. Updated target path for's AppStream metainfo. File (formerly AppData). Changing the View/Options.../General/Widget style theme. Now takes effect immediately unless it's to "(default)".
0.4.328 Apr 2017 10:25 minor feature: Added French man page. Added one decimal digit to the randomize percentage input spin-boxes on the General Options dialog. Make builds reproducible byte for byte, by getting rid of the configure build date and time stamps.
0.4.213 Nov 2016 20:05 minor bugfix: a potential crash on the singleton/unique application. Instance setup. MIDI RPN/NRPN running status and RPN NULL reset command. Are now supported (input only). Almost complete overhaul on the configure script command. Line options, wrt. installation directories specification, eg. --pre, --bindir, --libdir, --datadir and --mandir. Remove extra 'Keywords' entry and spelling.
0.4.115 Sep 2016 15:05 minor documentation: Dropped the --enable-qt5 from configure as found redundant. Given that's the build default anyway.
0.4.006 Apr 2016 07:25 major bugfix: Prevent x11extras module from use on non-X11/Unix plaforms. French (fr) translations update. port on MIDI 14-bit controllers input caching.
0.3.022 Sep 2015 19:25 major feature: Single/unique application instance control adapted to Qt5/X11. Prefer Qt5 over Qt4 by default with configure script. Complete rewrite of Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds. A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore sub-routine is now in effect. Added "Keywords" to desktop file; passing debian flags on configure. for some strict tests for Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds. Added application description as's AppData.
0.2.004 Mar 2015 15:25 major feature: In a glance, all GUI toolbox pages converted into tabs. Introducing a brand new user preference on eye-candy: cf. View/Options.../Display/Widget style theme. Most graphics now rendered with anti-aliased lines. A man page has beed added. Allow the build system to include an user specified LDFLAGS. Fix port origin on MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controllers input.