rawhide 3.3

rawhide - find files using pretty C expressions. Rawhide (rh) lets you search for files on the command line using expressions and user-defined functions in a mini-language inspired by C. It's like find(1), but more fun to use. Search criteria can be very readable and self-explanatory and/or very concise and typeable, and you can create your own lexicon of search terms. The output can include lots of detail, like ls(1).

Tags cli linux macos freebsd openbsd netbsd solaris cygwin system-administrators
License GNU GPLv3
State mature

Recent Releases

3.315 Oct 2023 13:50 major feature: - Add body pattern modifiers: .body .ibody .rebody .reibody - Add -j option (same as -L j JSON) - doc - Add rhs/rht/rhz etc. shell functions (rh/-r/-l/-v sorted (via jq) by path/mtime/size)
3.215 Oct 2023 13:46 minor feature: - Add support for attr (flags) on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and macOS - Add ./configure --default (to avoid needing the details in Makefile) - Change --help pattern modifiers layout to improve readability - Remove explicit PCRE2 JIT compilation (had introduced uninitialized reads) - Add file type pattern modifiers: .what .iwhat .rewhat .reiwhat - Add MIME type pattern modifiers: .mime .imime .remime .reimime - Add -L w (file type description) W (MIME type) - Add to -L j (JSON) output fields: filetype mimetype
3.106 Jun 2023 12:11 minor feature: Add support for Linux ext2-style file attributes - Add replacing "/".i "/".re "/".rei pattern modifiers with implicit "/".ipath "/".repath "/".reipath - Add identifying pattern modifiers by unique prefixes (e.g., "/".p for "/".path)