Recent Releases

4.4.606 Sep 2021 07:25 bug fixes: This release fixes a compile error on Debian 10, problems with the 'make deb' makefile target, and an issue with the support for inotify.
4.4.202 Aug 2020 03:15 bug fixes: This release fixes a regression in the server install routine, enables parsing the my.cnf file, and improves the portable installer option.
4.4.001 Nov 2019 05:45 feature enhancement: This release supports OpenBSD signify as alternative to GnuPG for signing configuration and baseline database files.
4.3.312 Jul 2019 03:15 bug fixes, minor feature enhan: This release fixes issues with DEB/RPM package creation and with the mysql init script. Systemd support has been added, and a patch to initialize for an alternative root fs has been included.
4.3.208 Jan 2019 03:15 bug fixes: This release fixes compatibility issues on OpenBSD.
4.3.011 Sep 2018 23:25 minor enhancement: This release provides suppoert for the /etc/subuid, /etc/subgid maps on Linux.
4.2.422 Dec 2017 13:05 bug fixes: This release fixes some issues with the creation of DEB and RPM packages, as well as a bug in the static DNS resolver.
4.2.205 Jul 2017 03:15 bug fixes: This release fixes some bugs in the port checking module, and provides better diagnostics for failure to write the baseline database at initialisation.
4.2.107 Apr 2017 03:15 bug fixes: This release fixes compile errors on Solaris 11, a bus error on Solaris/SPARC, a compile error with the musl libc, and a potential problem with the initscript on RedHat. A bug in the SetSocketPassword option has been fixed, and case sensitivity in directives of the port check module has been eliminated.
4.2.001 Nov 2016 03:15 enhancements, bug fixes: This release adds an option to define the flags supplied to auditd, and a portcheck option to monitor a device regardless of the assigned address. Some minor bugs have been fixed.
4.1.522 Oct 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Memory leak in server.
4.1.410 Aug 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Problems with wildcard pattern re-evaluation: Not stored if no match at startup. Only one (the first) stored if same pattern for file and dir. Problems with directory creation in inotify watched tree: Recursive depth not decreased. Watched as directory even when recursion depth should drop below zero.
4.1.303 Jun 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: on Cygwin, the AvoidBlock function is now off by default. (problem reported by Fred C). Tighter sanity checks in sh_static.c. Regression with '--enable-static' in sh_static.c.
3.1.527 Mar 2015 03:45 major bugfix: Fix IPv6 issue with portcheck (need to be able to specify IPv6 interfaces). Fix minor issues with bugs in testing code Add command line option '--server-host' to set the log server. In start script template, add code to read options from /etc/sysconfig/ NAME for RedHat.
3.1.417 Feb 2015 18:43 major bugfix: A bug has been fixed that was introduced in version 3.1.2 and would cause the database initialisation to fail if the configuration asks to check a non-existent file. Also, a problem in handling very large UNIX groups has been fixed, and the detection of the rpmbuild top directory (for 'make rpm') has been improved.
3.1.301 Nov 2014 07:48 minor bugfix: A potential deadlock in the UNIX entropy gatherer (only used on systems without /dev/(u)random device) has been fixed. Error reporting for an 'update' failure because of a missing local baseline database has been improved.