SURF CFEngine Library (SCL) 1.6.0

The SCL distribution consists of a library and services part. The services are build with the SCL building blocks. The goal is to setup a library were we can easily install/configure/maintain services. There are many services included and these are used at SURF for our HPC clusters and Office Automation. We hope that this is also useful for others and that will grow as the standard repo for CFengine services. In Ansible they call it playbooks and in Salt terms formula

Tags cfengine shell mustache json
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.6.008 Jan 2024 21:22 minor bugfix: SCL Enhancements and Bug fixes. Services updates for apache, apt, pam and slurm.
1.5.012 May 2023 10:56 minor feature: SCL Enhancementsand Bug fixes. Services updates for slurm, jupyterhub, munge and ssh
1.4.112 Jul 2022 20:09 minor feature: * ported to cfengine = 3.20, rxdirs default option changed to false for those release (scl_service_copy_dirs will fail)
1.4.009 Jun 2022 03:16 minor feature: * ported to cfengine = 3.20, rxdirs default option changed to false for those release (scl_service_copy_dirs will fail)
1.3.004 May 2022 15:12 minor feature: Service variables are better resolved. Jupyterhub, slurm, munge, resolv, node_exporter have bug fixes or new features. lscpu inventory module report if command 'jq' is not installed
1.2.001 Feb 2022 11:12 minor feature: Some service bundles still referenced an old company library. Added a new bundle that can be used by services 'scl_service_rotate_files'. Jupyterhub and Postfix service enhancements.
1.1.021 Dec 2021 05:45 minor feature: 1.1.0 Inventory dmidecode example did not run in cfbs env. Sync our prodductin changes to SCL post, nsswitch. New version 1.1.0.
1.0.010 Nov 2021 18:59 major feature: - the library is called `SCL` and the library is rewritten with this prefix (major change) - slurm now supports `configless` mode by setting the class `SLURM_CONFIGLESS` - added a new library file This will run all bundles that have the tag `scl_boot` - added a new library file Extends the `paths` variable in cfengine masterfiles with some that is used by the SCL framework. - added a new module `mellanox` set class based on device type. - apache bug fix in access_log definition
0.9.8929 Mar 2021 06:05 minor feature: SCL module installation for masterfiles framework was wrong.
0.9.8818 Mar 2021 23:10 minor feature: Services updates: apache, apt, pam, postfix, slurm. Meta tag autorun is renamed to service_'name'. for detailed description see Changelog link.
0.9.8214 Mar 2021 16:52 minor feature: * jupyterhub service changes: * apache reverse proxy bug fix do not double escape special chars * added announcement option, eg: maintenance announcement * perms can be set for etc _dir and configuration files * added a restart schedule: `JUPYTERHUB_RESTART_SCHEDULE` * postfix service chnages: * Enable TLS when possible for postfix * slurm service chnages: * Tarball installations now support additional package installations * Added linkchilderen to create links `/usr/ s bin` other programs expect this * Added some more config files to `slurm_mog_list` * Added `SLURM_FORCE_LINKS` class to recreate links in `/usr/ s bin` * spank _plugins now supports `run_class` option. It will only be installed if satisfied * tarball json file simplified * removed obsolete option: `CacheGroups` * symplified current version check for tarball installations * No sacctmgr dump file any more * copy `` if we install a new tarball * restart code for daemons is better * ssh service changes: * Moved `UsePrivilegeSeparation` to the DEPRICATED SECTION