Superversion 2.0beta9

Superversion is a GUI-centric version control system. It's implemented in Java and works cross-platform. Conceptually it uses "change sets" instead of focusing on files and tagging. Since version 2.0 it's multi-user and follows a client-server approach, the internal database is transactional, provides quick access to compact diffs, branching, merging, reports and full text searches.

Tags java vcs scm version-control
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

2.0beta917 Oct 2014 22:32 minor feature: This new Beta-9 release is built from a codebase that has had several years of regular use within a small team. It has had refinements added aimed at consistency and ease of use, visual improvements and small extra features, but is fully decended from the Beta-8b last release provided by the original developer, 'drjava', albeit many years ago. Whilst progressing towards the release objective (a personal milestone), it has proved stable and reliable.