Recent Releases

7.431 May 2024 06:05 minor feature: a introduced in version 7.2 where the elevation of furniture rotated around a horizontal axis wasn't correctly computed.. program hanging when the 3D view is attached back to a main window displayed on a second monitor.. a which prevented to open a file showing its 3D view detached on a second monitor under macOS.. Allowed to reset the description of a piece of furniture in its modification dialog box.. CSV export of furniture containing an empty description or license.
7.305 Apr 2024 19:25 minor feature: Added up and down arrows to scroll the. Go to point of view menu when it's too long on small screens.. mirroring operation on a group of furniture containing rotated pieces.. Prevented parts in mirrored pieces from moving after an horizontal deformation.. Allowed importing 3D models with missing deformation groups.. the font of dimensions in the 3D view to the one set in preferences.. a regression where imported 3D models were added to the furniture catalog even if not requested.. sort on levels with an elevation index in the furniture table.. file dialog box display in Windows environments with special homonyms.. the printed level name in header and/or footer of the pages showing the plan.. Placed menu items of untranslated plug-ins in existing known menus.. Ignored installed plug-ins not compatible with the running Java version at program launch.. Added category and multiple words search capability in the furniture catalog of Sweet Home 3D JS Online.. sort on model size in Furniture Library Editor.. Removed macOS support from portable version because recent macOS versions refuse to write in. data folder for security reasons.. Updated German help pages by Waldemar Hersacher.. Other minor and enhancements.
7.223 Sep 2023 07:05 minor feature: Added. Modify dimensions menu item to edit dimensions coordinates, color and font size.. Handled dimensions display in 3D view.. Added elevation dimensions to show items height.. Added. Selection and editing in 3D view option in the preferences pane to enable selection, modification, furniture moves and rotation, as well as dragging furniture from the catalog in the 3D view.. Managed magnetized placement of objects in shelf units with the new. shelfElevations and. shelfBoxes properties.. Managed user-defined properties defined in. com.eteks.sweethome3d.additionalFurnitureProperties System property with the ability to display them in the furniture table and modify them in Furniture modification panel.. Added preset postures choice (available for mannequin models in default catalog and in Scopia library ).. Added multi level printing support.. Added. Recompute room points item to plan contextual menu.. Made default category equal to. User in furniture import wizard.. Added the ability to display. Description column in furniture table.. Added. license property to furniture libraries and the ability to display. License column in furniture table.. Deactivated 3D updates process when the 3D view is hidden.. Ensured detached 3D view is visible after opening a SH3D file.. Ignored invisible objects under cursor when. Select object is chosen in 3D view contextual menu.. textures transparency in YafaRay rendering.. Updated JOGL to version 2.5.0 for macOS, Windows 64 bit and Linux 64 bit.. Updated Abbot library to version 1.2.. Added. Modify dimensions dialog box, elevation dimensions, 3D handling option, shelves magnetism and preset postures choice to Sweet Home 3D JS Online.. Added new classes to Sweet Home 3D JS to store home data directly on a server, in IndexedDB or in local storage, with auto recovery management in IndexedDB.. Added to repository Web application and Zip archive to deploy Sweet Home 3D JS on JSP or PHP servers respectively.. Added to Fur
7.104 Mar 2023 15:05 minor feature:
7.0.201 Aug 2022 03:15 minor feature: wrong layout of the second step in Furniture import wizard for a few cases under Windows.. Filled rooms which have an invisible floor with a more transparent color in the plan.. transparency of rooms in SVG export.. Used a screenshot for the icon image created at the end of Furniture import wizard under Windows.. Kept the 3D view detached from the main window at reopening if it's partially visible.. wrong connections of a split wall when two walls are connected to each other.. Added YafaRay libraries in Mac OS X 10.4-10.9 installer.. Other minor and enhancements.
7.014 Jul 2022 06:25 minor feature: Added YafaRay Rendering engine with the ability to choose the rendering engine in photo and video creation tools at the two best quality levels (not available for Java Web Start and applets).. Added. lightSourceMaterialName# property to define materials of a 3D model used as light sources (with light color deduced from material color and the ability to create an invisible light source when its material is invisible).. Allowed decimals in. Light power spinner.. Made the dialog boxes of photo and video creation tools resizable.. Displayed the virtual visitor with a camera symbol at a size when the virtual visitor gets too small in the plan.. Added a button in the toolbar to enable/disable magnetism.. Moved menu items handling levels in the. Levels submenu to reduce. Plan menu length.. Added the ability to select materials with the mouse in the 3D preview in Material modification dialog box.. Added diagonal editing in the room creation tool tip to draw rooms by triangulation.. Added. Inch/Fraction unit which displays lengths in inches followed by the t eighth inch fraction.. Added. Foot/Decimals unit which displays lengths in feet followed by decimals of a foot.. Added. Hide model edges option at second step of Furniture import wizard to hide easily edges of 3D models at DAE / Collada format (option displayed only when useful).. Handled more orientation and zoom capabilities on 3D models at last step of Furniture import wizard to get better icons.. Added new prefor shape names of a 3D model to specify the possible moves of shapes attached to other movable shapes.. Computed the front limit of the 3D view frustrum according to the point of view elevation to improve the rendering of very large scenes seen from a high point of view.. Added sky image mirror at bottom of background image to avoid possible line at the horizon in renderings at best quality levels.. Added. Flat ceiling only check box to room modification pane to compute sloping ceilings wh
6.6.410 Dec 2021 03:16 minor feature: and improved performances in Sweet Home 3D JS Online.. Minor in Sweet Home 3D (no released installer).
6.628 Jul 2021 10:25 minor feature: New set of icons designed by madudesign.. Optimized icons display for HiDPI / Retina displays.. Other minor enhancements.
6.5.224 Apr 2021 03:15 minor feature: the deletion of temporary files in. work folder under Windows with Java 9 and above.. Used unique case insensitive texture file names exported to OBJ format to avoid conflicts under case insensitive systems.. Moved photo and video creation dialog boxes away when a new dialog box is opened to avoid they hide it under macOS.. Generated the icon of an imported 3D models offscreen when possible.. Ensured selectable cameras list is displayed in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer when the displayed home doesn't contain any level.. Other minor and enhancements.
6.503 Mar 2021 03:15 minor feature:
6.4.209 Aug 2020 03:15 minor feature: an which detached joined walls, when split with. Plan gt; Split wall menu item or recomputed with room modification pane.. Other minor and enhancements in Sweet Home 3D and Sweet Home 3D JS Editor.
6.422 Jul 2020 03:15 minor feature: Improved resolution scale management in the plan for HiDPI screens under Java 8.. a in redoing dimension line resizing.. Added IDs to home objects which may be modified.. Added support for editing home plans in Sweet Home 3D JS with the ability to save modified homes on a JSP server.. an in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer which prevented touch management to work correctly under iOS.. Improved drawing order of transparent objects in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer.. Other minor and enhancements.
6.316 Apr 2020 03:15 minor feature: Added the. Select object /. Toggle selection menu item in the contextual menu of the 3D view to select or deselect the object under the mouse cursor with a right click.. Enabled reordering selected items in the furniture list with a drag-and-drop.. Added temporary dimension lines along a resized wall.. Added temporary dimension lines during the move of a room point with a diagonal dimension to allow triangulation.. Increased the maximum scale in the plan.. Added support for math expressions in values entered in plan tooltips.. Optimized the handling of 3D models with repeated small parts like some trees found on 3D Warehouse.. Improved the management of Sweet Home 3D window size after opening a file saved with its window maximized under macOS.. some computing on 3D polylines with very large coordinates and wall sides with a null length.. double actions provoked by shortcuts on some non Latin keyboards.. an where some menu items didn't appear after a right click in the plan.. color setting on lines in Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer.. Other minor and enhancements.
6.211 Jul 2019 03:25 minor feature: a which prevented from modifying a piece of furniture in. Virtual visit mode, after adding that piece to a group in. Aerial view mode.. the totals update after a price change of a piece belonging to a furniture group.. a which prevented from changing a textured material to white color.. horizontal and vertical alignment while moving room or furniture names with the mouse and the. Shift key pressed.. Added. Adjustable searchable tag to find more easily an adjustable 3D model among the 87 available ones.. After. Select all at all levels menu item is chosen, exported all selected items to OBJ format whether they belong to a level visible in the 3D view or not.. Other minor and enhancements.
6.1.202 Feb 2019 17:25 minor feature: a regression that prevented to change the dash style of polylines.. double actions provoked by shortcuts on some non Latin keyboards under macOS.. shortcuts for zooming and changing text size under macOS.
6.124 Jan 2019 02:05 minor feature: Managed the selection toggling of an item in the furniture list without losing the selection of other items in the plan.. Optimized the cache management of the furniture top views in the plan for similar furniture.. the location of the top view of a piece of furniture in its selection rectangle at large zoom factors.. Used more precise text widths to correctly align multi line texts.. how the application is displayed in languages oriented from right to left.. wrong parsing of some math expressions when the selected length unit is not cm.. D offscreen rendering under Windows when setting Z-buffer depth size is not supported.. Removed wall parts under openings higher than the top of a trapezoidal wall.. Added support for mirrors on hinge and rail with the. sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_hinge_ /. sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_rail_ new shape pre.. Accepted spaces in the texture image path of. map_Kd items in MTL files.. Added information about the memory used by the program in. About dialog box.. Improved the user interface of the Furniture Library Editor and Textures Library Editor when used with HiDPI screens under Windows and Linux.. Added a macOS application bundled with Oracle Java 8 in the portable version.. Replaced JRE 8u181 by JRE 8u202 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java.. Other minor and enhancements.
6.012 Oct 2018 06:05 minor feature: Added the ability to rotate and slide openings and lights.. Added a mannequin which can be articulated.. Replaced the 24 3D models contributed under LAL license in the default catalog by new models under GNU GPL / CC-BY license.. Updated rotating and sliding parts in the 3D model of doors, windows and furniture to support new rotation and translation capabilities.. Added price management with currency choice and optional sales tax in preferences pane, Prices and sales tax fields in furniture modification pane, total prices below the home furniture list and new columns to display price information in the list.. Added the ability to calculate math expression in numeric fields.. Added. Plan gt; Flip horizontally and. Plan gt; Flip vertically menu items.. Added support for multi line and text alignment in text modification pane.. Added. X offset and. Y offset spinner in texture modification pane to shift textures.. Added. Dash offset spinner in polyline modification pane to shift the pattern of dashed polylines.. Allowed polylines to be displayed in the 3D view.. Added an option in 3D View modification pane to view background image in 3D view at ground level. Added. Plan gt; Make level the only viewable one and. Plan gt; Make all levels viewable menu items.. Displayed level menu items in a separate contextual menu. Bound to level tabs.. Enabled multi selection of materials in materials modification pane to change them by group.. Managed. Ctrl modifier (. alt or. option under macOS) to resize the selected piece of furniture only along its width or its depth.. Added a new indicator in the middle of walls to easily change their curve.. Displayed wall arc length in the tool tip Associated to. Arc extent field in wall modification pane.. Allowed sloping walls to have a minimum height equal to 0.. Added 2.40:1 image ratio and updated video formats.. Saved column widths of the furniture list to restore them at home opening.. Made underground objects of a
5.726 Jan 2018 15:25 minor feature: Added a preview component to file choosers used to select an image under Windows and Linux.. Managed user defined furniture properties added to catalogs read by Sweet Home 3D and read/saved by Furniture Library Editor.. the visibility of horizontally rotated objects at upper levels.. the size in the plan of a copied-pasted object which is horizontally rotated.. a that prevented to group unresizable furniture or read a SH3D file saved with a previous version which contained such objects.. the display of furniture catalog and furniture list when scrolling under Mac OS X 10.13 with Java 6... Window menu management under Mac OS X with Java 8.. Replaced JRE 8u152 by JRE 8u162 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java.. Converted CVS repository on to SVN (sorry for the dead links to. server that this change implies).. Other minor and enhancements.
5.626 Oct 2017 03:15 minor feature: a that prevented to export to CSV format.. the size of furniture in subgroups when their parent group is resized.. wrongly computed threshold of doors larger than the side of a room.. Improved printing performances Under Mac OS X with Java 8u152.. Replaced JRE 8u144 by JRE 8u152 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.5.221 Sep 2017 03:15 minor feature: photo creation at the two lowest quality levels when two monitors are used.. how lights in groups are Rendered at the two best quality levels in the photo creation tool.. Upgraded Java 3D to version 1.6.0 for the Mac OS X distributions running under Java 6 (Mac OS X. 10.6.8 to. 10.13 ), leaving the JAR Executable as the only version able to run Sweet Home 3D under Mac OS X. 10.4 and. 10.5, and/or. PowerPC.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.507 Sep 2017 07:45 minor feature: Made doors and windows always cut out the both sides of the walls to which they are added.. Prevented opened doors to be deformed when their property. doorOrWindowWidthDepthDeformable in a furniture library is set to. false.. Ensured walls created with a double-click on a room don't overlap existing ones.. Added. Plan gt; Join walls menu item to join selected walls at their intersection or join aligned walls broken in two parts.. Added the ability to rotate furniture around a horizontal axis with new spinners in furniture modification pane and a new indicator available on a horizontally rotated object (except for doors, windows, staircases and groups).. Added the. horizontallyRotatable property in furniture libraries to prevent some models to rotate around an horizontal axis.. Added the ability to set the scale of a texture in texture modification pane.. Replaced 0 / 45 / 90 radio buttons used to rotate a texture by a spinner.. Allowed decimals in spinners used to enter angles.. Saved recently used textures in user profile to restore them at program start.. Added. Creator text field in the furniture and texture import wizards.. Added the optional. Creator column in the furniture list to display the creators of the 3D model of an object and the textures applied on it.. Displayed the size of the uncompressed files of a 3D model in furniture catalog tool tips and in the new optional. Model size column available in the furniture list.. Added an option in preferences pane to choose the size in pixels of furniture icons in the plan, when viewed from top.. Added in preferences pane the. Select visitor in plan at 3D move option, which can be unselected to prevent selectioning and showing the virtual visitor in the plan at each move in the 3D view.. Added. Ctrl M shortcut to display preferences pane under Windows and Linux.. Added. Ctrl Alt M (. cmd alt M under macOS) shortcut to display the modification pane of the virtual visitor.. Added a triangle and fiv
5.402 Feb 2017 05:25 minor feature: Set the minimum value of visitor's field of view to 2 .. wrongly displayed rectangular textures when rotated.. a that prevented to the. Untitled window after opening a file under Mac OS X.. a that applied the resolution scale factor too many times on user interface.. a that prevented to move the points of a polyline.. Replaced JRE 8u112 by JRE 8u121 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java under Linux.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.318 Nov 2016 03:45 minor feature: Ensured that the selected items are visible in the plan after using. Zoom in or. Zoom out tools.. Changed how textures on borders of room floors are displayed so they never look distorted.. Displayed walls with half transparent pattern while drawing them or while placing doors and windows, when a background image is used.. Initialized the scale and origin of background images imported at new levels with the values of the background image available at the t level.. Improved the mouse management of the virtual visitor in plan at small scales.. Added a. Home.xml entry validated by the DTD SweetHome3D.dtd to SH3D files, and added file association for future SH3X files.. Added HomeObject super class to let developers manage their own properties on home objects.. Copied texture image files at OBJ format export instead of generating new ones.. the area computation of rooms drawn with a hole in their middle.. blocking errors that happened for textured floors in the plan with Java 7/8 under Ubuntu.. the color of menu items under Ubuntu and better drag and drop support under Linux using Java 8.. Upgraded Java 3D version to 1.6.0 fcs / JOGL 2.3.2 for Windows and Linux versions, and for the Mac OS X version run with Java 7/8.. Displayed Java 3D version in. About dialog box.. Added Sweet Home 3D icon in installation folder under Linux.. Replaced JRE 8u74 by JRE 8u51 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java under Windows.. Replaced JRE 6u45 by JRE 8u112 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled With Java under Linux.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.218 Feb 2016 09:25 minor feature: Added. Invisible option to the. Furniture materials pane to hide some parts of a piece of furniture.. Made resizing of a piece of furniture with its resize indicator proportional when. shift key is pressed.. Moved the viewport of the plan only when selected objects become invisible at screen when they are moved with the keyboard.. Changed the width of the rectangle of doors and windows in the plan to take into account the width of their. doorOrWindowCutOutShape property when it's smaller.. Added. com.eteks.sweethome3d.resolutionScale system property to apply a scale factor to the user interface of Sweet Home 3D.. Added a Java Web Start version able to display the user interface of Sweet Home 3D at a twice larger size for users with HiDPI screens under Windows and Linux... Added. samplerAlgorithm and. filter properties to the renderer properties that can be set for Sunflow.. a that could enlarge uselessly the size of a SH3D file when the texture of a material was set to its default value or reused on an other object.. Ensured walls created by. Plan gt; Split wall menu item are at the same level as the split wall.. Replaced visual properties set on a. Home instance with simple. String properties (developers are encouraged to replace calls to the deprecated. getVisualProperty and. setVisualProperty on a. Home instance, by calls to. getProperty and. setProperty, because future file format might not save visual properties anymore).. New icon and logo designed by madudesign.. Modified installer program to delete old JREs at the end of installation process under Windows.. Updated the digital signature used to signed the application with a SHA-2 signature.. Replaced JRE 8u60 by JRE 8u74 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled. With Java under Windows.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.106 Oct 2015 09:45 minor feature: a regression that prevented to easily select an object placed in a selected room.. a that generated wrong SVG files for plans containing texts with the default font.. a that could prevent to reopen a SH3D file saved with its furniture list sorted on. Color or. Texture columns.. Removed unwanted surfaces displayed at the ground in 3D and matching objects at n-2 levels under the ground.. wrongly computed cutout of staircases in the upper floor for some layouts.. some 3D rendering on rooms at ground level under Mac OS X with Java 6.. the management of icons and models referenced more than once in SH3T and SH3L file edited with the Furniture Library Editor or the Textures Library Editor. Updated German, Japanese and Swedish help pages.. Upgraded Java 3D to version 1.6.0-pre12 / JOGL 2.3.2 beta for the Mac OS X version run with Java 7 / 8.. Replaced JRE 8u51 by JRE 8u60 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled. With Java under Windows.. Other minor and enhancements.
5.020 Jul 2015 06:25 minor feature: Added a tool to draw polylines in the plan with various styles.. Added the ability to display baseboards with wall and room modification panes.. Made levels possibly not viewable with the new. Viewable check box of their modification pane or with the new. Make level unviewable menu item.. Managed levels at the same elevation as layers with an order index that can be set in levels modification pane (may provoke some small changes in existing SH3D files).. Added. Edit gt; Paste style menu item to modify the style of the selected objects from the object of the same type copied in the clipboard.. Added. Add point to room and. Delete point from room menu items in the contextual menu of the plan.. Added the ability to select objects in furniture groups, edit them and delete them, without the need to ungroup grouped objects.. Added. Furniture gt; Add to group and. Edit gt; Paste to group menu items to add objects to the selected group.. Saved expanded groups in the furniture list.. Added an option in preferences pane to change the default font.. Added the ability to change the font and the color of free texts in their modification pane, as well as to display them in the 3D view at a given elevation.. Added. level variable in print setup dialog box to print the name of the printed level in page header or footer.. Checked the size of the image chosen in the background image and texture import wizards to propose to reduce it if it's very large.. Proposed directly to save the current home after selecting. Sweet Home 3D gt; Quit menu item under Mac OS X, when only one modified home is opened.. Displayed an information message once a furniture or textures library import is completed.. Allowed the pitch angle of the point of view to be between -90 and 90 .. Accepted. 1/8. 1/4. 3/8. 1/2. 5/8. 3/4. 7/8 fraction text to be entered when. Foot/Inch/Fraction unit is in use.. Fixed the management of negative values in. Foot/Inch/Fraction unit.. Improved DAE/Collada format support
4.603 Feb 2015 03:15 minor feature: Fixed printing of textured floors under Mac OS X with Java 7 / 8. Fixed an issue on the 3D view displayed in a separate window on a second screen under Mac OS X with Java 7 / 8. Fixed a crash in the furniture import wizard on some configurations running Mac OS X with Java 7 / 8. Upgraded Java 3D version to 1.6.0-pre11 / JOGL 2.2.4 for the Mac OS X version run with Java 7 / 8. Increased max memory used by Sweet Home 3D under Windows 64 bit. Updated certificate used to signed programs. Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
4.524 Oct 2014 03:18 minor feature: Replaced the Loader3DS library by a new one that better interprets colors, transparency and subparts placing of 3D models at 3DS format (caution: the customization of materials set on furniture at 3DS format in previous versions of Sweet Home 3D will be lost). Increased to 50 the maximum count of stored points of view. Added a margin of error to determine whether a piece of furniture overlaps an other one, when a user wants to place it on the top of the second one. In the furniture list, appended an icon to the name of each piece with a defined information property, and displayed this information in a popup after a click on the icon. Restored the previous size of the textures choice dialog box when resized. Cleared search filter in the textures choice dialog box after a texture is imported. Forced format for sizes exported to CSV format to display decimals instead of inch fractions. Added an additional spacing to columns of furniture list at print time under Windows for better rendering. Fixed a bug that could interpret SH3D files with correct imported zipped 3D models as damaged files. Fixed a bug that prevented side by side alignment of superimposed pieces of furniture to work. Fixed wrong computation of wall corner on some horizontal walls. Ensured that the order in which pieces of furniture were added is kept after grouping them. Fixed the management of mouse cursor during drag and drop operations in the catalog. Delayed the disposal of the default home to avoid Java 3D fatal error in Mac OS X full screen mode. Updated Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian and Polish localizations of the help. Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.
4.414 Jul 2014 14:15 minor feature: This new version of Sweet Home 3D brings a richer texture choice dialog box, easier ways to place objects on furniture. Other improvements include KMZ imports and better S3HD consistency checks, furniture texture rotation, and object placement options. Some bugs like random black squares on foto printouts were fixed.