T2 System Development Environment one distribution to support all CPU architectures 24.6 Radical Optimism

The T2 System Development Environment, allows the fully automated creation of custom Operating Systems using state of the art, up-to-date packages, integrated support for cross compilation for reproducible builds. From ARM, M68K, MIPS, HPPA, PowerPC, RISCV, SPARC to X86-64, Glibc to Musl, T2 supports all major CPU architectures, C libraries, GUI systems and desktop environments as well as countless of special purpose and embedded firmware packages! While initially focused on the Linux kernel, T2 already has proof-of-concept support for building "homebrew" pkg ports for Other OS, including: BSDs, macOS and Haiku. With support already wide and versatile, we do not intend to stop here, and plan to improve T2's "home-brew" support, as well as bootstrapping alternative micro kernels, such as L4, Fuchsia, RedoxOS or integrating building "AOSP" Android as well.

Tags linux distro
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State development

Recent Releases

24.6 Radical Optimism27 May 2024 21:19 major feature: 24.6 "Radical Optimism" 2024-06-01 T2 24.6 was released as a interim release with major improvements for the most pouplar CPU architectures ARM64, x86-64, PowerPC64 and i686: T2 desktop builds now also including cross-compiled LibreOffice, Wine and Thunderbird by default, for an out-of-the-box just-working business and home Desktop Linux experience. The release contains a total of 5140 changesets, including approximately 314 package updates, 64 issues fixed, 17 packages or features added and 13 removed. Around 13 improvements. More details can be found here: https://t2sde.org/releases/24.6.html
24.501 May 2024 13:53 minor feature: T2 24.5 "Future Nostalgia" 2024-04-28 T2 24.5 was released as a major milestone release not only including the latest and greatest Linux kernel, GCC, LLVM / Clang, Glibc, Musl, uClibc, X.org, Mesa3D, but also the KDE and GNOME desktop packages updated and fixed to finally mostly cross compile. While at it, we also undeleted IA-64 Itanium support! ;-) A total of 36 pre-compiled base install ISOs for various Glibc, Musl and uClibc combinations are available for for 25 CPU ISAs: Alpha, Arc, ARM(64), Avr32, HPPA(64), IA64, Loongarch64, M68k, Microblaze, MIPS(64), Nios2, OpenRISC, PowerPC(64), RISCV(64), s390x, SPARC(64), SuperH, i486, i686, x86-64 and x32. On most architectures the release still boots with 512MB of RAM or even less, and are on average just one GB in size. Most vintage Xorg drivers were fixed to actually work again. The rolling release is updated using the scripted source build system and thus optimized for the native system CPU. The release contains a total of 5140 changesets, including approximately 5314 package updates, 564 issues fixed, 317 packages or features added and 163 removed. Around 53 improvements. More details can be found on the release page