taccGL 0.62

a javaScript library improving html/css web pages with 3D/2D GPU graphic acceleration (WebGL and HTML5-Canvas). It animates CSS formatted HTML 5 elements and 3D objects designed with a 3D program showing integrated scenes with hidden surface handling, lighting, and shadows. Features: parallax scrolling, accelerated motion in 2D and 3D, 3D rotating, mapping of HTML elements on 3D objects, custom shaders, graceful degradation on devices that do not provide full WebGL performance, HTML5 2D canvas as fall back.

Tags html5 html css 3d transition animation webgl opengl web 3d rendering internet web canvas webgl obj glsl webdesign parallax-scrolling
License BSDL-2
State beta

Recent Releases

0.6206 Nov 2020 00:57 major feature: V0.62 provides automatic texture atlas handling and includes various interface clean-ups and bug fixes.
0.6106 Sep 2016 20:32 major feature: V0.61 includes various interface clean-ups, bug fixes, and performance improvements, especially for mobile devices. Also the tutorial was revised and many new pages added.
0.6026 Aug 2015 13:55 major feature: V0.60 includes various new methods for parallax scrolling and playing animations while scrolling. Surface normal calculation for flexibleBorder elements has been improved. Also now multiple HTML elements can be mapped on a 3D objects.
0.5917 Nov 2014 19:20 minor feature: V0.59 adds parallax scrolling with WebGL
0.5816 Sep 2014 16:48 minor feature: V0.58 provides a transform controller class to rotate and move 3D objects / part of scenes with the mouse, bug fixes, documentation fixes, German version of home page.
0.5725 Jul 2014 13:11 major bugfix: V0.56: Support for Mobile web sites and for retina displays has been added. This version also now can be tested locally without a web server. V0.57: important bug fixes