Recent Releases

0.5.024 Jul 2014 23:55 major feature: This release added Tcl/Tk 8.5.8 support, with dicts and ttk being used per default. GLEW version updated to 1.5.7. OpenGL support now up to 4.1. Incorporated features from Togl 2.0 include Tcl_Obj usage, and fixed reshape. GLUS shapes glusCreatePlane, glusCreateCube, glusCreateSphere, glusCreateTorus, glusDestroyShape added. New utility functions include tcl3dOglReadShaderFile, tcl3dOglBuildProgram, tcl3dOglCompileProgram, tcl3dOglLinkProgram, tcl3dOglDestroyProgram, tcl3dReadImg, tcl3dOglGetVersionNumber, tcl3dOglGetProfile, tcl3dAfterIdle, tcl3dGetDirList, tcl3dDirSelect, tcl3dVectorEqual, tcl3dCgResetError, while tcl3dVector was extended.