Recent Releases

4-0.114 May 2015 11:20 major feature: This is a new version which adds the facility to encrypt the data, and to insert images into the notes, contacts and lists. It also provides a German interface for users who have configured their environment for that locale.
3-0.321 Nov 2014 16:39 cleanup: The source that was released used a temporary, data subdirectory for testing instead of the actual data subdirectory. This is corrected.
3-0.211 Aug 2014 11:44 cleanup: The Windows binary now detects the user's home directory and creates its data subdirectory in the correct location instead of at the the root of the drive.
3-0.128 Jul 2014 07:09 cleanup: The source has been recompiled under Windows using MingW and a 7z archive containing the 32-bit binary executable of the program along with compatible run-time libraries is now available. This is for those who work primarily with Windows and do not wish to compile the code themselves. Click the "Windows programs" menu item at the top of the download URL.