Thinstation 5.3

Thinstation is a small Linux distribution for basix x86 hardware that provides thin client setups, suitable for school setups. It provides connectivity for RDP and VNC connections, works as Citrix/ICA client, standard X11, NoMachine NX, Windows RDP, tb5250, Tarantella, VMS terminal, or just SSH/telnet client. It allows network booting via PXE, syslinux, CD-ROM, or flash/USB installations.

Tags distro client x11 vnc rdp thin-client pxe live-cd education
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.323 Nov 2014 21:45 minor bugfix: Modified XFWM4 and console dialog functions. Fix for splash screen exit. New Xerces build. Updated LiveCD build script. Enable x86-emu for v86d and 64bit.