TradeTrax - Financial Trading Tool 1.5

TradeTrax is a general purpose trading tool for keeping track of marketable goods. While it builds heavily on stock market terminology for abstraction purposes, it is actually meant to be used for managing all kinds of assets that are bought for resale, for example: * Collectibles (trading cards, stamps, coins, ...) * Auction house items in MMORPGs * Speculation portfolios (forex assets, gold bullions,...) TradeTrax comes as a webapp that may either be run from a servlet container or as a standalone application, using it's embedded webserver.

Tags accounting investment
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

1.511 Apr 2015 16:46 major feature: New features: Layout width is now configurable When filtering the ledger, also sum up the individual items. Switched to Jetty8 in order to lower the system requirements to Java6 and support older versions of MacOS X. Print logs to file as well instead of just to the console.
1.424 Feb 2015 18:46 major feature:
1.320 Jan 2015 17:50 major feature: New Features Mark finalized deals in the ledger by striking through name and variant. Make the ledger log searchable. Access the history of an asset directly from the asset editor. Added a "location" field for recording the storage place of assets. Added - and + operators to the calculator. Changed the comment icon and added a location icon Linked the asset editor to the acquisition form Enabled comment filtering. Rewrote the launcher for easy ledger switching and network access. Summary: Compute outstanding profits. The Tradecenter's ledgerlist and acquisition form can now be configured. Enabled sorting of the columns in the ledgerlist.
1.217 Dec 2014 20:22 major feature:
1.127 Nov 2014 22:10 minor feature: Bugfixes for the CSV import tool
1.026 Nov 2014 17:13 minor feature: Initial release.